Transplant from the City of Angels


Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public awareness: 0

Age: 28 Height: 6’1 Weight 154lbs Hair: Red Eyes: Blue

Drak “Zeroman” Beldrum walks with an air of professionalism, staying in nice clothes and a clean sports jacket overtop.Long red hair wrapped into a point tail goes down his back. He appears not much different on a run, preferring to stay unobvious as much as possible whether it is day or night time. He carries a silenced machine pistol and a multitool survival knife with him and procures what else he needs on site, if not before the run.


Drak started running messages and gear for local L.A. gangs back and forth to members in a gang or to another gang. This built him a reputation in the area as someone not involved all the L.A. gangs that can move things and he was treated as neutral. During his young adult years, he was ambushed once by a group of thugs and he couldn’t defend himself from them and lost the package he was running. He took a few years off to practice martial arts and achieved his awakening into Adept magic style. Now, he leaves broken bones and unconcous thugs when he is intercepted, only improving his reputation in L.A. He took the name “Zeroman” after his reputation grew and decided to go into more profitable line of work with Shadowruns.

After a few runs, Drak felt that he needed dedicated backup on his side and permanently hired a brother and sister team of hackers to watch over him. She, Icarus, watches through security cams, and the other, Daedelus, through his augmented eyes, bringing a live feed to his friends. They work together on every run and split pay accordingly for their apartment in the lower districts, though it is equipped with a dedication section for their hacking and decking needs. Also, they have built a dedicated and controlled server for commlink communications, making it harder to intercept their conversations between them and the other runners with Zeroman.

Drak doesn’t trust many outside of his team of hackers and the fellow shadowrunners working with him at the time. Anyone he is not around during a run, find little trust from him, including Mr. Johnson and even the fixers that get him work.Though having his trust means that he will make sure that everyone is on the same page, not keeping secrets from his fellow runners, and making sure that his fellow runners remain safe until the end of the run.

Drak avoids permanent employment from any one group, so he doesn’t have someone commanding him or trying to control his actions or decisions. He also avoids death when possible, bloodshed will happen, but he will avoid killing his opponents when possible.


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