Terrane - Inactive

A Minotaur Adept


Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 1 Public Awareness: 0

28 years of age. 6’8

Rather bulky with straight black fur all over, his horns are the stereotypical bull horns. He usually just wears his ballistic mask and seems a little uncomfortable without it. When unmasked he has about as bullish of a face as possible but he usually wears an auctioneer business suit to look more pro or his EC armor clothing which depending on the area will of course change with .


While trying to be on the straight and narrow I was caught up in the Chicago bug incident. Those Chummers really seemed to hate me and I wasn’t even fighting ‘em, at first.
Drek, I was only a young’un; I could barely ride a scorpion for dreksake. Of course, thats when I found out I was an adept and I could hurt those damned things with my bare hands; found that out when a roach cornered me in a back alley on the fringe of the invasion.

It was only three or four blocks from the damned bridge, the very one where everyone was getting killed… So, the bug had me cornered and all I had on me was a shit laden bag you might be able to call clothes and an old pair of knuckle dusters. I just punched the thing and it seemed to hurt it. Not by much but it was something’. All of a sudden some shrimp of an elf saved me from getting geeked right then and there by summoning a fire spirit which fragging torched the damn thing. He then took me to the edge of the river and we hid out for about a month.

This was the time that Shark took a shinin’ to me and made me know how special I was. He first appeared to me the night I was rescued,in my sleep. Saying I could gain more protection in following him. After talking to him for what seemed like weeks, I woke up. It was only two days later and I was feeling healthier than ever. It got easier, but not easy, after that. Found when the wasp attacked I could hit em and kill em by myself!

I got out of bug city as soon as the walls came down. I must just been 12. Ever since, I’ve loved a good scuffle and nothing better than feelin bone snap under the weight of a blow. I came to Seattle and crashed in the underground and joined a gang to keep myself safe. My first run was for my favorite fixer Ive come across, Willis Daltree, though we all call him Willy. It was your standard run, a quick smash and grab at a local pawn shop. Just grabbing some antique guns. I also got my first combat knife that way hehe, i was told explicitly anything i grabbed was to be sold except for a few select items. I chose the knife: I’m better in close combat.

A few chummers taught me to focus and build my magic power up and I’m able to do way more in terms of my adeptness. A few years ago I got into a fighting club and did well enough to have someone offer me the chance to take my fun time into a payin gig. That guy’s my good friend, now. Andre “Doughboy” Daedlus isnt much of a fixer except for the fights he puts together. Hell, I got my scorpion by someone dumb enough to bet against me. I gotta say I love a good fight even when the stakes are low. There is always time to make yourself better ALWAYS.

This one fight I got 8000 creds really recently, it was set up all gladiator style. This cyclops comes out on the other side of this ring with some tech sewn on, that annoys me. Why on earth would you corrupt your body ON PURPOSE. Now I understand some people dont have mana to buff themselves but in my usual fights i dont use anything other than myself. This occasion was different i overheard this guy was a known associate and assistant of a wasp shaman. That’s just unforgivable, apparently this bug wannabe was under orders to kill me in the arena and was actually possessed by one o’ the fragging drek loving things.

The Drekhead wasnt too bright, he told me he was going to kill me. Well, unlucky for him I just learned a new spirit fighting technique and used all my might to take him down. ‘twasnt easy but i finally broke his neck and a mage in the crowd noticed the wasp trying to escape and bound it in place while I pulverised it with a mix of horns, hands and elbows. I eventually slew it and with the purse I paid for a small apartment in the underground that I can have as long as I pay, good thing its adjacent to an outlet. I can bring in my bike and gear and keep it locked up. And listen well chummer: I aint got many contacts but what I do got is skill and perseverance. And I know I can go through alot since Shark will always be there for me and that, chummer, ain’t no drek. Have a good one, chummer.

Terrane - Inactive

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