Club DJ Decker with a few surprises


Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0

Human, Navajo/French-Creole
Age 22 Sex Male Hgt 5’9" Weight 47 KG

Ravener is an skinny kid of average height (175cm) of mixed Navajo and French-Creole heritage. His dusky skin with brown eyes reveal some of his heritage. His eyes often show either boredom, or manic intensity. His scalp is shaved on one side, where his datajack is located, centered in a tribal raven tattoo. The rest of his hair is long and often died with temporary dyes (‘because permanent dye is too much commitment’). His jacket flashes videos a several different music videos or news clips simultaneously while he hums and bops his head along to whatever music is running through his head. When working he wears a facial mask that covers all the way back to his headphones and often repeats back distorted video images of what he is seeing like a funhouse mirror.


Born Zach Lacour in 2053 to parents who worked for Cross Applied Technology (CATCo). His father was born to a Navajo shaman, but his interest in computers and his love of tinkering led to a falling out with his father. He joined Cross Applied Tech as a network hardware engineer and married a French-Creole drive rigger. His mother died during Crash 2.0 when her shuttle was infected by a virus and burned up on reentry. His father was injured during a Winternight attack that same day, while trying to keep the telemetry center servers up and running. Zach was 12.

Zach’s father threw himself into work and looking for answers for the cause of his wife’s death. This eventually led to him starting to run the shadows for nuyen and information. Zach spent his time learning about computers, music, and a variety of less than legal skills. He got his first cyberdeck at 15, his first datajack at 16, and lost his father at 17. His father’s death during a run against Ares left Zach with no real ties and a strong need to move on. While going through his father’s effects Zach found a package that included credsticks, an alternate SIN (Sioux Nation), and a single datachip with his father’s will and a special program. Following the directions on the datachip, Zach unleashed a program that utilized several backdoors his father had built into CATCo’s servers. Within an hour CATCo suffered massive data corruption, followed by a number of server fires that caused millions of Nuyen in damages. By the time CATCo restored services it found that thousands of employee records had been wiped in both primary and backup storage.

Zach set off to visit his grandfather, whom he had spoken with only a dozen times in his life. His first night on the road he dreamed of a raven winging through the night sky calling his name. In the dream, he ran after raven for hours before coming to a cliff face over a misty canyon. Not able to stop, he found himself falling into the mist. Before hitting the ground he felt a sharp pinch on his arms as a huge raven lifted him up and flew him across the canyon. In the morning, he found several scratches and claw marks on his arms, identical to the ones from his dream. By the time he reached his grandfather’s ranch, he had started seeing a Raven while waking. His grandfather took him in and started to teach him about his heritage. The old shaman recognized that Zach was awakened, and that Raven had chosen him for some reason.

Zach was an outsider in his community. His interest in computers, his poor grasp of Dine, and his attitude towards the ‘natural life’ led to him being seen as an undesirable. His grandfather’s death from stroke left Zach once again with no real ties. Zach contacted a fixer in Seattle named Michelle Rampling, who helped him set himself up there in exchange for some decking on her behalf. After a long discussion with Raven, and putting himself in debt to Rampling, Zach augmented himself as far as he feels safe without burning out his magic. While he has paid off most of that debt, he still owes her another 10,000 and is fond of working for her. Now 22, Zach’s biggest concern is figuring out where he wants to go with his life. He isn’t interested in corporate work, but enjoys both having money and the thrill of running the shadows. His other interest is in electronic music, although he hasn’t managed to make any real money making any. Raven has been pushing him to explore the magic side of his heritage.


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