The Story So Far

May 2075

Finding the door ajar, he pushed it open slowly, listening.

There was no sound from within, it was absolutely quiet.

“Lyle?” he called out softly, stepping in. The foyer was a shambles. It was no different further in. Furniture was overturned, books and papers everywhere. He frowned. As he turned to enter the kitchen, he stopped. Blood had pooled on the tile and he took a deep breath before stepping fully into the room.

“Oh, Lyle,” he breathed as he knelt down to examine the young man. Bullets had riddled his body and he lay face down on the floor. “What did you get yourself into?” He touched the dead man’s neck, noticing that the flesh was cool to the touch. Dead since last night, probably. He stood up and went back into the living room and glanced at the scattered mess. What would you have that others might want..?

He walked over to the steps and twisted the knob at the bottom, lifting it up and revealing the small compartment within. A small, green notebook. This? A list of your contacts? Why?

He flipped through the book, noting the names and numbers. He looked back towards the kitchen and sighed before closing the little notebook and slipping it into his breast pocket. No reason to stay. It was regrettable that Lyle was gone, but there was nothing left to do here. Any work to be done would be finished elsewhere, and he would see to it. Lyle deserved that much.

He stepped out and closed the door behind him.

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On Saturday, 11 May 2075, a small group of individuals are called to meet with Saint James at the Seattle Opera. Upon arrival, they learn that they are tied together by their association, indeed friendship, with Lyle Green, a fixer of no small renown in Seattle who recently met his untimely demise at the hands of forces unknown. Appropriately, the five strangers also host a mixture of skills making them suitable for a bit of shadow work.

Saint James offers them a handsome sum to look into a company called Return Safe LTD. The crew, consisting of Kachina Powaka – a Shaman, Kumiho – a decker, Mother – a Mage, Requiem – a soldier, and Lady Marisart – a cat burglar, agree to the task and set off.

Locating the company and following the man later revealed to be Steelbit, a credible Street Samurai turned CEO of Return Safe LTD, Jason Bridges, the crew determines that there is indeed more to the company than meets the eye, and suspects involvement in shadow work. Later on, the crew manages entry into the offices and within, Kumiho manages to find their payday, along with removing the intrusion from the system, but not before encountering resistance and trouble.

Afterwards, the decker was able to recover the files from his deck, but they were heavily encrypted. The team agreed to turn over the files, encrypted, to Saint James, who instructed them to send it to a secure site where his own associates would work on it. The respected Fixer then told them that he would be in contact with them as more arose.

Meanwhile, the shadows never rest and two other meets occur that night as one crew of shadow runners is hired to hit a triad drug shipment and another is tasked with retrieving a captured shadow runner from the hospital before he is transferred to a holding cell.

The Story So Far

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