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Players can make Shadowrunners via any legal method in SR5 Core and Run Faster.

Metavariants allowed.

SURGE, shapeshifter, and metasapients must request consideration by the GMs.

Street Level Characters are allowed.

There will be 1 Prime Runner slot for every four characters, limit of five Prime Runners at the beginning of the campaign, self-nominations will be accepted along with a brief concept of the character.

If a Prime Runner slot opens up (less than 4 available Prime Runners), it will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Players may have multiple Runners by completing runs. After completing any given run, a player may create an additional Shadowrunner to add to the Stable. If a player already has 2 characters, they can choose to make a Prime Runner for their third character. This can increase the pool of Prime Runners beyond 4, overfilling slots.

Campaign is divided into month long segments. In a given month each player will be given the opportunity to play one of their characters through one of the posted GM run missions; each character will be able to take part in an ‘off-screen’ Milk Run (this is in addition to any GM run scenarios); and each character will be given the remaining 2 or 3 weeks of the month as ‘Downtime’ for training, purchasing gear, etc.

Milk Runs will be small, inconsequential events that will net the character 5 Karma which can be exchanged for Nuyen at a 1 for 2000 exchange. A player can gain up to 3 additional Karma if they write up the events of the Milk Run as a short fiction. Prime Runners can exchange at a 1 to 3000 rate. Street Level Runners can will earn up to 7 Karma but their exchange rate is 1 for 1500.

Starting Contacts:

Contacts follow normal rules with the following exceptions: Prime Runners may buy contacts with a combined Loyalty and Connection rating of 9, Maximum Connection 7. Buying a contact from the GM list allows you to add one to the maximum combined Loyalty and Connection (8 for normal Runners and 10 for Prime Runners). Friends in High Places works normally.

Posting expectations:

Players are expected to post daily and are encouraged to post as often as they wish. As long as players make a genuine effort to follow this expectation, then it will be considered met. Absences on weekends will be more forgivable, though the game will continue.

If a player goes AFK for more than a day, then permission to post FOR that player is assumed to have been granted to all players and GMs in that game. Players will be expected to make a genuine effort to play your character as you would.

If you plan on being AFK, if you let us know in advance and tell us what your character would do, then we will make every effort to accommodate that. If you just disappear, then we will play it as we see fit.

Finally, if you drop from the game entirely, we will take this opportunity to kill off your character in a dramatic fashion that will inspire the remaining players to avenge you.

Karma gains outside of play:

Detailed character background/bio: Up to 10 Karma

Posting a description of your character:

— Just the crunch (Age, Hgt, Weight, Skin Color, Eye Color, Hair Color, etc): 1 Karma

— Short paragraph describing the basics, to include what is normally worn: 3 Karma

— An in depth description that conveys your characters stats and skills without expressly stating them: 5 Karma

Posting the events of your Milk Run: Up to 3 Karma

A 1-2 Paragraph Background of your Contacts: 1 Karma

Short Fiction (Character or plot-based): Up to 3 Karma, once per IG month.

Wiki Post: 1 Karma

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