Needle Net

//…Encryption Keys Generated
//…Connecting to Virtual Router

>>>>>[Welcome to NEEDLE NET! This ain’t JackPoint or even VU93. This is for Seattle Local Yokels for Seattle Shadow Biz, wiz? You got something everyone in the world needs to know? Put it there. Something going down in the Sprawl that the world don’t care about but your sprawl chummers might? Put it here. Happy CINCO DE MAYO, DREKHEADS!]<<<<<
Tone Loco (17:54:12/05-05-75)

>>>>>[Alright, it took some doing, but I’ve set up a repository for information. I call it the ‘Pincushion’… because it’s where we put all of Needle Net’s data points, get it?!]<<<<<
Tone Loco (10:45:33/05-12-75)


Needle Net

In Shaking the Shadows, Needle Net is a local Runner hub on the Matrix. With a focus on security and less on making it pretty, it’s not the easiest Host to navigate. Access is granted through a hardware decryption device as well as an application with several redundant security protocols that ensure only the owner of the hardware is able to access through their commlink or cyberdeck.

To use the Needle Net, head over to the StS Portal forum

All posts should follow the formatting Bull uses in Virtual Underworld 93, instructions found here

When posting, please use a date within the last week for the month and date, and 2075 for the year. When responding, please be cognizant of the date and time of previous posters. Hours are positioned in the 24 hour format.

Special Note: You may post as individuals OTHER than your character as long as they are not PCs or established NPCs. The Seattle Shadowrunning Community is large. Feel free to respond to yourself with jibes and musing from other characters you’ve made up in the past. Feel free to heckle the posts of other characters with your own characters.

I would ask that you stick only to those individuals you have made up, however.

I hope to use this tool to put forth clues and information, and it can also be a source of Legwork.


The Pincushion is going to be the IC Wiki stored on the Needle Net. When you want to make a post, edit the main ‘Pincushion’ page. Then add the name of your page, surrounded by double brackets. Save the change, then your title will show up in a red link. Clicking that link will take you to an page where you can create your entry.

When creating the page, start your post with >>Charactername<< and then double space before you start the actual content. This way we all know who the original author is. Only the original Author should change the actual body of the entry, but anyone should feel free to post ‘comments’ in the body of the text using the format for Needle Net posts.


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Needle Net

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