We are making use of the Missions Calendar system for advancing your characters.

If you are not familiar with the system, basically, it breaks the year into 52 Weeks.

The weeks are grouped into 4 weeks to represent a month. Every third month, there is a ‘free week’.

Our first run will take up your first week. After that, you will have 3 weeks. In those three weeks your character can run a single Milk Run, as outlined in the Player Guide.

Then, you have two weeks of downtime, which you can use to train your skills, learn spells, learn martial arts, initiate, etc. Alternately, you can use one of those weeks to ‘Work for the Man’ or ‘Work for the People’.

If you choose to Work for the Man, you can exchange up to 5 karma for 2000 nuyen each.

If you choose to Work for the People, you can exchange up to 10,000 nuyen for 1 karma per 2000 nuyen.

Basically, in the former you are doing soul-killin work for Corporations, etc, to make that money and in the latter you are spending your own money to do something good for the people.

At the end of the fourth week, you will pay your lifestyle cost.

You may shack up with other runners, however, please don’t do this just to save nuyen. Everyone will have a chance to develop over the course of the story and your inner-character relationships will certainly develop. Allow it to make sense.

At the end of every 3rd month, there is an extra week tacked on. You can use this for a Milk Run, Training, or to Work for the Man/People.

When training, remember, you can break it up. So if you do not complete the training required to raise a stat, you can take break and return to it the following month, picking up where you left off, so long as it has not been more than 3 weeks. You do not spend the karma until you complete the training, so you can start training something even if you don’t have enough karma.

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