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Raindrops echoed over a rather typical Seattle morning. Gangers, corps, and everyone all went about their day. Tasda, in what was a typical day for her, laid sprawled on a roof in an alley. She came up here for target practice all the time. Across the way is a very old, antiquated advertisement for Stuffer Shack. Most of the time companies do Augmented or Virtual Reality ads, but every once in a while there were still enormous billboards. Looking through her scope, she stared at the billboard attempting to find the cans she laid out there earlier. She figured, if she missed, at least she wouldn’t hit a human. However, staring at that billboard, sent her out of her zone, remembering her youth.

It was a rare sunny day outside of a local Stuffer Shack. Tasda hated to go with her mom grocery shopping, in fact she hated almost all things involving people. The only way her mom could let her go was to let her bring her antiquated “deck” which was only a little bit better than an iPad. She broke out in hives any time she touched gold, which provided major shame on her mom and dad. Her dad left a few years earlier for something and never returned. Tasda, being 6 at the time, didn’t remember what for. But back on point, Tasda followed her mom around as she went through her normal routine and got the usual soy items for the week. Afterwards though was when her life changed.

“[color=red]Wait here and play with your deck Tasda. A friend of mine will pick you up shortly. [/color]” Her mom said in a rather flat tone that Tasda had been used to. “[color=red]You’ll know him by his tattoo on his right hand.[/color]”

“[color=red]”But maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawm…I always go with you! What’s going on? What if the new person doesn’t like my deck[/color]?" Tasda hugged her deck with one and and her mom’s pant leg in the other. Trying to stay close to her and her deck.

Her mom, never really explaining anything just chided. “[color=red]Play with your deck. I’ll see you later tonight it will be fine. Look…There’s an outlet over there![/color]”

Tasda, like a fish to water, let go of her mom’s pant leg and sprinted over to the outlet as fast as she could. As she did, she heard her mom shout some Elven words to an Elven man nearby. She didn’t speak Elven but will always be trying to find someone to translate those words. Because as the car drove off, those were the last words she ever heard her mom say. Minutes turned into hours and Torga started sitting there playing with her deck but not jacking in yet. Keeping an eye out for the famed person with a tattoo on their right hand. Doing this she started honing her perception skills and her broken heart skills. Soon it became night time and Tasda got really hungry. She needed to eat something. With the few pennies she had from earlier in the day helping mom clean, she walked into the stuffer shack and tried to clean the place to find more pennies. Eventually she had 101 of them, enough to buy the smallest snack there for 1 nuyen and a string. Taking the string she took the one nuyen with a whole in it and made a necklace and then bought the snack. At this point the grungy storekeeper looked at her with dismay. More refused coming into the store. Hoping to reject said refuse, he counted every last penny to try to make sure he could reject her outright and get the hint she should never return. However, she had precisely the right amount. Giving her her paper receipt, Tasda smiled with her food, ran outside as fast as she could and ate it. The problem was it didn’t fill her up.

Out of options, she knew she wouldn’t find much cleaning the store and her mom told her proud dwarves don’t beg, she tried to find a nearby dumpster for food. Unluckily for her, the trash truck came and she only had a few bites there. Her life for the next few weeks became patrolling the Stuffer Shack for scraps trying to find the tattoo’d handed man.Because of the lack of nutrients her vision began to suffer. On a sunny day outside the Stuffer Shack, she began crying inconsolably “Why did you abandon me mom???!?!?!?!”

It was in that very moment, her savior came up to her. It was an older troll, orc? She couldn’t really tell anymore. But his hand definitely wasn’t like his other one. “You lost little girl?” His voice echoed loudly in her head. Happy that someone was talking to her, Tasda rambled into a big long spiel about her mom and how she’s been waiting her for a long time now for her mommy’s friend to come and was just overcome with joy someone was talking to her.

Having been wanting a kid of his own after getting out of the shadowrunning business, the orc quickly told her. “Well, I’m not who your mommy sent, but I will take care of you til they come okay?”

Tasda nodded happily. “Ok!” She hopped up and down, someone cared!! That hopping up and down freyed what was left of her deck cable and then she started crying again.

“Looks like we need to replace your deck there…Miss…” He let the air hang to let her answer. “Tasda, Tasda Barrelsmasher, but you can call me Penny if you don’t like calling me Tasda. Mr. Orc.”

“Call me Ray” He let himself slip back into his rough Orc accent now that the muscular man had the child’s trust. On his sweatpants were the word “Ares” and ever since then anything Ares like is viewed with an awe inspiring love. If it’s Ares trash, Pennies would probably want it.

The duo went off and were inseperable. Ray taught Tasda a lot about trust and who to trust and why and some general common sense things. Meanwhile Pennies, true to her name, stayed on the web a lot and stole enough pennies from abandoned corporate transactions for them to live on. It wasn’t much but they got by. Then Mr. Ray Denizen taught her what it was like to be a halfbreed of orc and human and how to shoot a rifle. Pretty soon after Tasda and her new father, laid out on the roof of his truck and shot air bullets at various inhuman targets for practice. However, Tasda’s eye damage really set her back. It was around Christmas time and Tasda felt really bad for not having enough nuyen to get something really awesome for Mr. Denizen.

Stepping up how much she stole, she got a good 10,000 nuyen for Mr. Denizen that took care of rent for a long while on the place. Little did she know that was a good thing as Mr. Denizen had a friend in Oyl (a Cyber doc) who put in cyberware for people. He took her there Christmas morning.

“What’s this place Dad?” She looked in awe at all of the electronics. “Is this a Best Buy?” She chuckled as Tasda had been reading some ancient history e-books again about major corporations. “No sweetie. This is a cyberware and bioware store.”

“Sounds like fun!!” She did her traditional youngster bouncing for joy and smiled at all the stuff touching it.

The cyberdoc, Oyl, in the shop looked over at Ray for a long time, before asking “This the girl?” Quickly Ray nodded.

After Tasda mildly freaking out about potential abandonment again, Tasda calmed down and went with the man. When Tasda awoke three days later, she had the best pair of cyber eyes money could buy. “I CAN SEEE!!!!!!!” Tasda screamed out to the world as soon as she woke and she hugged the street doc beside her rather tightly. Viscous liquid resembling that of happy tears streamed down her face and then she saw her dad. “THANK YOU DAD!” She squeezed him tightly. She never knew that while he was in the matrix getting the pennies for Christmas, he took on one last run to pay for those eyes.

The duo lived in rather quiet obscurity after that, Ray teaching her to keep a low profile. Occasionally, Tasda would take on a side gig with Oyl to do some Matrix work in order to pay off some shiny new cyberware she saw in the store, but mainly it was her and Ray trying to survive in this cruel world.

For 10 years the pair either shot air bullets at targets with pistols or sniper rifles just trying to get better. Eventually on Tasda’s 20th birthday, Ray introduced her to the idea of a run. There is a fixer, aka Middle man, who contacts you about a run. In this example, he became the fixer. Tasda went to the otherside of the apartment and met with a Mr. or Ms. Johnson on the other side of the room (which for the example) her dad threw on a dress and became Miss Johnson. And “she” (Ms. Johnson) told Tasda about a local cyberware doc that needed some tech work done for nuyen. It was Oyl. (He played along too as Ray gave him 100 nuyen.) Tasda did the same thing she always did for Oyl and he operated on her and gave her the rest of the cyber/bioware she was due. Now she finally compared equally to her foster father at the height of his running days.

Midway through her 20th year, Ray gave her his number and moved out. Little did Tasda know, Ray was dying and wanted to give a last little bit of help to the world. He didn’t want to see his baby girl see him go through the pain of dying on her. Figured now was as good a time for independence. Giving her his number, he got a cheap ass place close to, but not in the Barrens of Seattle. He told her that he wanted her to grow up to be a great shadowrunner, but he couldn’t always do that if he was there with her.

Tasda, sadly nodded, and as a parting gift, Ray gave her a small car to drive around in and taught her the basics on how to drive it, but suggested she usually use autopilot. He also gave her his address in case she needed something and the pair usually hung out on Sundays before Ray politely kicked her out and she solemly drove back to her place.

Now her 21st birthday, Tasda is keeping up with the wishes of Ray and attempting to meet up with the fixer for a true run for the first time. A bit nervous, she wants to impress so she tried to clean up her armor as best as she could to try to make a good first impression.

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