Michelle Rampling

Fixer / Connection 4


Michelle Rampling is an elf who was born and raised in a quiet middle class suburb of Marseilles. She has lived in Seattle since 2046 and has found a comfortable niche in the shadows. Her first love is music and to all outside appearances she seems to be an unassuming piano teacher. A bland looking soft -spoken woman with an extreme aversion to violence, she keeps her hand in information brokerage for her own reasons. It is largely due to the fact that she seems nothing like a successful (if low end) fixer that she remains as such.
Michelle’s contacts are mostly ordinary folk from various walks of life, but she is familiar with some influential music personalities and maintains a constant Matrix presence. Though not a decker in the true sense, she know many folk who are, and she is quite the data broker. Michelle has many overseas friends, much of who were clients of her legal business.

Preferred Runners: Deckers, “Quiet” types

Uses: Jobs and cred, information, Matrix gear, additional contacts

Places to Meet: Anywhere the fixer desires; typical places include local bars or clubs, coffee shops, crowded street corners where surveillance is next to impossible.

Contact: Phone, Email, Matrix, Residence

Available: Always.


Michelle Rampling

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