Pepper Jack - Inactive

Former Military Mage


Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0

Human Male Age 31
Height 6ft1 Weight 194lbs


Awakened early and his SK arcology wage slave parents sent him off to SK sponsored magic school, in exchange for service his service later on. As far as raw magical talent, he’s best described as mediocre, and so, when it came time for him to work his mandatory four years as an SK wage mage, he wasn’t at all surprised to find himself relegated to a relatively boring 9-5 job of enchanting foci in some SK factory. He’d always dreamed of bigger and more noble things than this. Perhaps dreamed too often, because an entire run of combat foci he was in charge of misfired while in storage, causing hundreds of thousands of nuyen worth of damage. Heads rolled at the factory, but none of them as far as Jack’s did. He was stripped of his magic license permanently and was disposed of by SK. With no place to stay, and no way to earn money for himself, he joined the Army. Spent four years with the UCAS special forces, then got right back out in favor of the huge signing bonus offered by a major merc company, (INSERT MERC COMPANY NAME). After three years with them, he left suddenly without collecting his severance. He won’t say why and has never talked about it with anyone, but from that day forward, he’s NEVER going back to the military for any reason. But here he is, broke and out of work again. Only now, he’s rather heavily augmented and he’s pretty darn good with a gun as well. Not only that, but he knows a lot about small unit tactics and a decent amount about magic.

Pepper Jack - Inactive

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