Not 'the Clown'


docwagonmedic.jpgStreet Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0

Age 28
Hgt: 5’11 Wgt: 190 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown

Relatively well built, Patches strives to keep the grime and filth of the street from wrecking his overall appearance. He succeeds less frequently than he’d like, but that doesn’t keep him from trying. Human, he stands a bit under 2 meters tall, and seems well fed for someone living out of an alleyway squat. He speaks quietly and directly, lapsing into spanish for swears and epithets from time to time. His armor jacket and mask have obvious blank areas where name patches and logo IDs have recently been cut off, and he’s almost never seen without a long soft case strapped to his well-worn black backpack.


Alex, aka Patches, once worked for the CAS Marines as a local interpreter and unofficial corpsman. Recruited from the slums of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex to assist with their unconventional anti-Aztlan missions, he quickly learned how to patch up wounds as well as a great deal about the general tactics of battlefield medicine. He even got some practice working with cyberware and bioware, as many of the CAS were significantly augmented. After a failed mission, the brass came looking for the reason for the lost patrol, turning up his name and general description. Blaming him for the dead soldier, despite his attempts to save them, they put out a bounty for his return. He bugged out with what gear and supplies he could grab, ending up on the streets of Seattle, looking to keep his head down and out of the crosshairs of any bounty hunters.


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