Mr. Johnstone

Free Earth Spirit / Johnson


Mr. Johnstone

Free Earth-Spirit / Johnson

The Earth Spirit who is amused by calling himself “Mr. Johnstone” looks a bit like a large grizzly bear composed of dozens of separate rocks, which shift around in a manner vaguely like muscles. He can approximate human speech somehow, although his voice is of course very deep and gravely. He has a custom built three-wheeler which he uses to travel longer distances, and even has a license for it (how he got the license is a story he doesn’t share).

He has a dry sense of humor, once you get to know him. Until then he tends to be very formal and correct in his interactions.

Preferred Runners: Shamans or others with a high level of attunement to the natural and spiritual world. He has employed mundanes, but struggles somewhat to understand their world view.

Jobs. Usually to interact with meta-humanity on his behalf. If isn’t that security guards shooting at him are apt to really bother him, but it makes it hard to focus on whatever he is interested in at the time. So when he has something to do he will often hire shadowrunners to accompany him and smooth the path for him. Most often he has been known to track ley lines or other magical phenomena, and seems to be concerned that dark forces could be subtly manipulating such things. It may be babysitting, but he can sometimes be persuaded to pay in gold, and for larger jobs has been known to pay in fractional shares of Horizon (how he got those shares is another thing he doesn’t discuss)
Knowledge of large-scale and high-level magic. If you want to know about whether events at Mt. Shasta have caused a shift in ley lines, Mr. Johnstone would likely know, for example. However he isn’t overly interested in metahuman currency, so you will either have to overpay or else trade information or favours.

Places to Meet: Hell’s Kitchen, or occasionally in a park elsewhere in the metroplex

Contact: Initially through any of a number of fixers. He does have a commlink code, but how that works is not entirely clear, and response can be quite erratic.

Available: 40% via fixer, 40% via commlink


Bio: Showed up in Seattle somewhere around ‘63 or ‘64, and has been erratically active since then. Known to hate toxic shamans & spirits

Mr. Johnstone

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