Mother is a genderqueer elf ex-wagemage


Street Cred: 1 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0

Mother Sista Daddy Queen

6’5", thin, dark skinned, androgenous with some masculine features and makeup/feminine clothes. Mother is an enigmatic figure much like their mentor spirit. Fiercely loyal to her friends but often getting them into trouble trying to be clever or pulling pranks. Not one to forgive and forget she still tries to undermine the Princes of Tir from afar in anyway she can, whether that be by supporting rebels with information or nuyen.


Mother was a wagemage of the voodoo tradition for Telestrian until she ran afoul of politics. A follower of the trickster mentor Eleggua or Eshu she was always a trouble maker. She alienated herself from her peers. She joined an underground movement to overthrow the Princes and instate a democratic socialist state. This failed forcing her to just barely escape with her life. She went to Seattle, came out about her gender identity, and joined a loosely affiliated queer anarchist magic group called The Pink Lodge. She immediately began running the shadows both to make ends meet and to stick it to the man.


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