Barnaby Mason

Law Enforcement / Connection 5


Senior Special Agent Barnaby Mason has been operating in Seattle for several years now. Through various contacts he learns of things happening in the city, usually before official notice comes down through channels. In this manner, he has been able to shoot up in the ranks more quickly than his fellow agents.
Mason has no interest in getting into a fight and he will retreat if such looks likely. He is willing to negotiate with anyone who seems reasonable and keen to do so. His interest is in establishing sources of information for his ever growing network of contacts which he hopes will aid him in solving crimes faster than his fellow agents and make him look good in the bureau.
If you need information from Mason about what is going on in the metroplex, criminal organizations, or anything that the Feds or Lone Star are working on, or if you just need that little “indiscretion” removed from your file, then he’s your man. Just make sure that you have some tidbit of information or tipoff that will balance out the value of what you’re asking for…

Preferred Runners: Informants

Uses: Information, File Access (police and related government records)

Places to Meet: Anywhere the person desires; typical places include local bars or clubs, coffee shops, crowded street corners where surveillance is next to impossible.

Contact: Phone

Available: Always


Barnaby Mason

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