Lin Yao Chang

Fixer / Connection 4


Lin Yao is a known operative for the Eastern Great Dragon Lung. Very little is known about the background of this Chinese elf. He’s very reserved and quiet, never smiles, and speaks in short, brief, efficient sentences. He has an unearthly fluidic grace to his movements, and rumor has it that he may serve as an assassin for the dragon.
He wears his black hair short and close to his scalp. He is neatly groomed and dressed ambiguously. At a glance, his suit would appear to fit in with everyone else’s attire whether you saw him at a club, a megacorp headquarters, or leaping across a rooftop.

Preferred Runners: Any

Uses: Magical rumors, Magical Gear, street rumors

Places to Meet: Parking Garages, dark Alleys, chinese

Contact: Commlink

Available: Anytime


Lin Yao Chang

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