Fixer / Connection 4


Lucien is a human male of Aztlan decent. He wears a black duster as well as a black t-shirt and jeans. A bullet hole scar in his right cheek mars his features. The exit wound is in the back of his neck near the spinal cord, hidden by mid-back length black hair pulled into a ponytail. He speaks with only the slightest trace of the Spanish accent of his Aztlan heritage. He has dark eyes and a patient, unflappably calm demeanor, as befitting someone who has accepted the possibility that he may be awaiting his own death. His only obvious cyberware is a datajack in the back of his neck.
Lucien follows a very rigid code of honor and will rarely break a promise unless the person responsible has already broken a promise to him. Even then depending on the circumstances he may understand the reasoning behind it and allow the infraction to slide. Lucien is very open about “not being in it for the money”.

Preferred Runners: Civic minded Runners, Runners who hate Aztechnology

Uses: Charity cases, runs against Aztechnology

Places to Meet: typical places include barrens bars, quiet back alleys

Contact: Phone

Available: Usually



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