King Willy

Talismonger / Connection 3


Cleon de Bohem, aka King Willy, is a voodoun shaman who follows Papa Ghede as his patron loa. An aging, battle-scarred work, King Willy was thirteen and just coming into his magical powers when his sister got involved in the Universal Brotherhood and disappeared. His investigations led him to hook up with several other young, would-be Shadowrunners and they faced off against one of the early insect incursions into Seattle. Several years later, when Bug City blew the conspiracy wide open, King Willy and his team were on the front lines of the battle against the bug population. He spent the next few years tracking down any rogue bugs he could, but he eventually retired and set up a talismongering shop after one close call too many. He still wakes up at night with nightmares from what he’s seen and the thought of the bugs getting another foothold in our world scares him.

Preferred Runners: Magic users

Uses: Talismonger, magic gear, magic information, bug information

Places to Meet: His talismonger shop

Contact: Commlink

Available: Anytime


King Willy

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