Matrix Graffiti Artist and Wiz Decker


Street Cred: 2 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0

Street Name: Kumiha
Age: 26
Sex: male
Height: 5’ 5’’
Weight: 137
Icon: Nine Tailed Humanoid Fox.

Kumiho is a lean young Korean man of average height, with a mop of long dark hair with a single lock dyed neon green in the front. His hair normally worn in a fashion where it is mostly in his face. However, on an occasion where he needs to look presentable he will have it pulled up in a top knot.
Typically, he wears grey – black skinny jeans, a pair of untied/loose short brown boots, a simple tee shirt, his armed jacket with the wide flared collar, and a short grey scarf. When he is on the job – he will also where his Fox Mask (which is made of a ballistic material).
His whole left arm sports a detailed tattoo of a circuit board that slowly trans forms into an artist rendition of the matrix, Nano-Ink, powered by his Bio-energy, brings the whole thing together, sending steady pulses of light through the tattoo, appearing like power running through the circuits and and out into the matrix.


Kim Tae Hyung grew up in the Republic of Korea, in the Seoul-Incheon Megaplex with his two parents. His parents, both scientist in the software industry, were strong believers in moderation and only had one child. From an early age he was raised in a housing complex for the AA corp Mærsk ‘s Korea branch, the Mærsk Matrix division. Here he was molded to for his later role as a member of the corporate structure and much of his learning was done through the Matrix – Virual Mærsk school system, one of Mærsk Matrix’s earliest creations to help with the education of the growing masses. However; even as bright young minded corp brat, Tae Hyung always found his way into the code around him and played with it. When he was young it was simple little things like changing the speech patterns or Icon of the Virtual teachers to make them appear more entertaining. This not only got him in trouble with his parents but also placed him in advanced classes to better suite his curious and bright mind.

When he was 13 his parents moved to the New York plex in the UCAS. Here he began to see his parents less often due to their work. However, his grandfather lived in New York as well, and ran a small shop of antiques in upper queens. When he didn’t have class or after school clubs, or other lessions, Tae Hyung would visit his grandfather hand list to the old man talk about ancient korean stores and fairy tales while repairing some old century old piece of collectible junk. It was during one of these times that Tae Hyung’s life changed forever. The offical from the Mærsk HR division called his grandfather while he was visiting to inform him that Tae Hyungs parents had died in an accident while in their lab. After that day, Tae Hyung stayed with his grandfather, in his little apartment above the store, and had to change to a More public Virtual school. In the public school system the system was antiquated and glitchy at best. His fast track up the corporate ladder stopped when his parents died. Now if he ever wanted to make something of himself he would have to do it like the SINless – the slow grind through the public system. Though with everything that had happened he wasn’t even sure if he wanted that any more – did he. His parents wanted that but did he want that? In the end part of him thought that its what his parents wanted and that since they wanted it he should want it too. but a small part of him , the rebel part, wanted nothing to do with it.
Mærsk’s public relations division released a simple acknowledgement of the accident but no details. Even to Tae Hyung and his grandfather they received no more information than the press. For the next 5 years Tae Hyung spent as much time keeping up with his studies as best as he could with his limited access gave, as he did trying to piece together the events that led to the death of his parents. Then, by pure chance and in part due to the events of the Crash 2.0 he found his way into the badly damaged systems of Mærsk Matrix divisions host. It was here that it was discovered that he discovered that Mærsk Matrix division was attacked by a group of shadowrunners after the prototype of a system of software his parents were working on. The shadowrunners had used non lethal force on the lab techs and programmers to acquire their prize, saving lethal force for lethal opposition. to save the soon to be lost prototype and all the data related to the program, labeled Black lotus V, the security team was informed by the higher up at Mærsk to seal the sub-level lab and place it under a code blue protocol. This locked the whole level and pulled all oxygen out of the level while pumping Co2 in. Everyone, from employee to intruder slowly died as their brains starved for Oxygen.

It wasn’t until 2072 that Tae Hyung, now 23, could track down the man who killed ordered the death of his parents. During this time he planned his revenge in detail. He even became a Unknown in the great information highways of the matrix. Any and all information about him vanished forever, as if swallowed up by a great Worm virus. It took a while to piece enough of a trail to find the man in charge of Mærsk Matrix at the time after the Crash was over and the world tried to put itself back together. He used this new matrix as a sword of justice to tar that man down from his lofty position. He did it in a 3 step process. One take a project being over seen by this individual and add hidden bad code into its programming so that, when it was officially launched it would fail so badly that it would fall to the man in charge of the Mærsk Matrix division to take the blame. 2) Leach a virus into the targets bank system that deleted the little 1’s and 0’s that told the bank system how much money he had. This would be activated by the launching of the program listed above. This virus made the money hidden inside his own bank account, unseen and unable to access. It was done this way to make it nearly impossible for the origin of the virus to be tracked back to him. 3) the subject had the most recent AR tech and used it daily. As soon as the Mærsk system announced the target’s firing , his AR would be bombarded by hateful information – driving the subjects spirit into ruin.
This attack on the murderer of his parent’s killer was success and it was days later that he read online of the murderer’s own death – having thrown himself off his own apartment building hours after he received his eviction notice. With a heavy heart and troubled spirit, Tae Hyung move to Seattle where he has been for the last three years.


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