Kachina Powaka

The Spirit Witch -


Despite a feeble physique, Kachina’s most striking features are an intimidating presence and undeniable charisma. She walks straight up, and has piercing green eyes. She almost always has her face and body painted, depending on the occasion and her mood, though no one has yet understood which one is what. Several tattoos cover her body.



Kachina was born and raise in a small community of Hopi in the Pueblo Corporate Council Territories, with strong ties to Shamanism as both her parents and grand-parents were shamans. Her grand-father was part of the Kachina Society during their support of Daniel Howling Coyote against the US and as a tribute, was named after it.

It wasn’t before she was 14, however, that she started Awakening. She had full support from her peers and embraced her learning, excelling in her understanding of the Astral World and the conjuring of spiritual entities, for which she always had a peculiar affinity. Physically, she was feeble and clumsy, but had a strong mind and was fearless. She would stand up in front of bullies, and was short-tempered if she felt insulted. She had already a strong personality, and her good heart made her very likable. The Shamans could see her struggle between her good nature, and her fighting spirit.

It was only when she embraced the path of the Thunderbird Totem, as suggested by her peers, that she managed to develop her spellcasting abilities, which let her to believe what she could do with what theorists called the Mana was granted by the Spirits. As such, her ‘magic’ is closely related to what the Thunderbird was known for in her tribe’s lore.

She went to college and studied psychology and behaviors but studies were not her strong side. She quickly and radically changed path and accepted to be recruited into the military. She received good training and they utilized her skills efficiently. Soon she became part of a special unit; her skills in interrogation techniques and scouting giving her a special edge in spite of her weak physic. She fought in Skirmishes against the Aztlans within a year of her enrollment, and though difficult and dangerous, she strove in the midst of battle and conflict.

But it was when she was back home that she found her disillusion. The Pueblo Council was one big corporation and Kachina soon discovered than like any corporation, the PCC had its interest in mind before its people. During the Ute absorbtion in 2067, fight over land control force her unit to intervene. She found herself protecting the land she was born on and fighting for her own tribe. She was proud. Opposition would be no match if they were going for the fight.

A few shots were exchanged. Then Politicians stepped in. Within hours, orders were reversed and her unit was ordered to withdraw. Enemy Force was taking over, her unit forced to step back and her own Tribe’s Shaman refused to be relocated and were ready to fight back. She tried to convince them to leave but to no avail. She had no choice: Disobey order or watch the last stand of her own people. A black eagle flew over the community. An omen? She rallied her unit, and convinced them to fight by her side and protect the community.

Her tribe’s shamans summoned many spirits for the fight. But the enemy force were prepared. The battle ensued both in the physical and Astral Space. It was a massacre. The land burnt. Her people died. Fire Spirits were all over. She banished 4 of them that day. Exhausted, she was taken away on a helicopter. Suddenly the Black Eagle flew in, knocked her over, and as she fell to her death, saw the helicopter explode in flame as a rocket hit it.

Kachina still believes to this day she had mustered the last strength to cast a levitation spell on her and protect her from her fall. She awoke well after the fighting was over. Desolation was all that remained. Most in her tribe were dead. Most in her unit were dead. The ones that weren’t would soon be sent to court martial. She had convinced them to fight, her alone.

She was left for dead. She disappeared. Little is known about what became of her during that time, outside of being stamped KIA.

5 years later, Kachina was roaming the streets of Seattle. She had lost, she had been defeated, she was a SINless, and starting over was hard. But a storm still raged inside her. She had understood the Thunderbird had a different path He wanted her to take and she had the spirits on her side (well most; she had found out Fire Spirits weren’t too keen of her), and she knew there was a demand for her skill set. She entered the Shadow

2075. 3 years into the shadows already, and she hasn’t been as successful as she would have hope for. She was now Kachina Powaka. The Spirit Witch. She had kept her first name to always remember her past, but thought Powaka – Witch in Hopi dialect – was suited for her activity. Her craft was sought after, but one doesn’t succeed alone in this field of criminals and often egocentric half-witted amateurs. She wanted her own team, one that would become a force to reckon in the Shadow; one that would make the Thunderbird proud.

Kachina Powaka

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