Jujin Kai - Inactive

Oni Ronin


Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 2 Public Awareness: 1


Born Jihubukai Odayakana on the island of Yomi, Jihubukai was brought up and trained in the ways of the samurai. At a young age he swore allegiance to a local koborokuru lord. After distinguishing himself many times in combat and loyalty, Jihubukai and other members of his clan were loned out for a special mission for an executive of the Mitsuhama corporation in Kyoto.

During an exhange, the executive got into an unmarked car and sped away and Jihubukai’s security team was gunned, spelled down, and even spirits of fire were seen in the fray. The Mitsuhama Corporation blamed the security of betrayal, and the new microchips that were to be at the exchange were never found. The lone survivor of the betrayal, Juhubukai was accused of stealing millions of dollars and arranging the abduction of the executive he had swore to protect. He was labeled a criminal by the Mitsuhama Corporation.

Jihubukai’s koborokuru, arranged for him to go to Seattle, where rumors of the missing executive surfaced, and arranged for Jihubukai to have another SiN, by the Name of Shinji Takada. He was tasked to find evidence of the betrayal and restore his honor, along with that of his lord.

Upon arriving in Seattle, he took on the runner name of Jujin Kai. He has vivid, bright blue skin, with 3 inch silver horns sticking straight out from his temples. His long silver hair is kept in a top-knot. His eyes are not quite so “bulgy” as other Oni, but they are the typical gold color. He has a little gold bell in each earlobe, and a silver loop at the top of each long and pointy ear. He has the look of somebody perpetually scowling.

During runs he wears a custom electronic Samurai mask, and carries a katana with a gilded silver hilt, depicting many warriors fighting each other.

On the blade of the sword are the words: 怒っている精神-which mean ‘the angry spirit’
The sword was a gift from his maternal grandfather.

Custom Samurai Mask:

Jujin Kai - Inactive

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