Rigger, Fixer / Connection 4


Joeli Gibson is a dwarf born and raised in Fiji. She has been a successful Seattle fixer for a few years now. Joeli has an extensive trid and simsense collection and loves attending the Seattle trid festivals.
Joeli is quiet and undemonstrative, sometimes mistakenly interpreted as cold. She has many contacts amongst smugglers and within Seattle nautical circles. She knows many fences, and many suppliers of serious technical hardware. Anyone wishing to move, buy or sell hardware should speak with Joeli.

Preferred Runners: Riggers, “Geek” types

Uses: Jobs and cred, information, gear, additional contacts, smuggling

Places to Meet: Anywhere the fixer desires; typical places include bars/ restaurants near the waterfront, piers, onboard her yacht.

Contact: Phone, Email

Available: Always—Note that Joey usually stays aboard her yacht in Puget Sound.



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