Street Level Technomancer


Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0

Standing around 5’1" her slender, somewhat skinny frame dressed like a typical barrens rat in a battered armored duster. Her face looks like someone who’s been through too much already, something they wish to forget but are constantly reminded of.

If that was all, very few people would give Ice a second look, but her flowing white hair, pasty white complexion and cybereyes make her stand out. Albinos are always a rare sight, one with obvious cybereyes and still dressed like a barrens rat tends to stay in people’s minds a little.

Ice tries hard not to stand out, but her albino appearance makes it hard. Only a very careful eye will notice the right sleeve of her coat doesn’t sit quite right, but few would think much of a sensible precaution like that.

Ice has only a few talents, and those are carefully hidden, a secret known only to a few… and even they don’t know everything. But occasionally, hidden under the locks of her snow white hair, a datajack can be glimpsed.


If you don’t know me, call me Ice. If you do know me, then you know I’ve been twice cursed. I know most would call my curses blessings, but they’ve not been through what I have.

I was born sometime around 2043… I don’t really know. I’ve been through a lot and early childhood is a bit hazy OK? About all I remember is the name Kate and living as a street kid.

Everything changed when I was 17 years old. On a dare I snuck into the SCIRE mall on December 19 2059… I was one of about a hundred thousand trapped by the mad AI Dues. I didn’t know anything about this at the time of course, all I knew is I was some place I shouldn’t be, and I couldn’t get out.

I did what any street kid learns to do when trouble comes knocking… I hid. I went to ground and stayed out of sight. I don’t know how long it was, weeks? Months? My memories are really hazy around that time. What happened next… I don’t remember… do my dyeing day, I hope I never do. All I know is, after everything was over, I had a hole in my head and could access the Matrix.

I had become what was called an Otaku. Was it was something natural in me that manifested? Or a result of what happened to me? no-one really knows. I was just starting to come to terms with what was happening when all hell broke loose. When the dust settled the crazy AI was dead, and some group called Overwatch took in me and some of the other ‘successful’ experiments.

For the next few years I stayed with Overwatch and learned what I had become. Learning to control my new abilities in the Matrix and stop from being overwhelmed by information. But nothing good lasts, and AIs are notoriously hard to kill.

I was 21 when things went down in Boston in 2064. I’ve never bothered to learn what really happened, all I knew is that over the space of a few hours, the Matrix that had become like an extension of my being fell apart and vanished in Crash 2.0.

Over the next few years as the Matrix was being rebuilt I felt my powers fading. Some might have regretted it, me… I was glad that reminder of the nightmare was gone.

And then in 2070 at 27 years old. I get cursed again, I could start to FEEL the Matrix and the flow of wireless data like I did when I was an Otaku. Emergence they called it, when a Technomancer begins manifesting their powers.

Was it because I had been an Otaku? Was it what happened to me in the archology? Was it just pure chance? I didn’t know… no-one did. But I knew there where a lot of people trying to find out, and they where especially curious about former Otaku.

I did the only thing I could… most of the data about me had vanished in Crash 2.0, so I reached out, called in some final favors, and asked them to obliterate every last trace of my existence from the Matrix. I know now about The Library, but very few can access the Resonance Realms, and even of them fewer still could search The Library for information on a single individual like myself.

Now it’s 2075 and I’m 32 years old. I live as off the Grid as it’s possible for one of my kind to do so. I make ends meet by snooping and recording, selling what I hear, see and can dig up from the Matrix to data brokers. I know a Script Kiddie named Red Rose… I’m pretty sure she knows I’m a Technomancer, the rest… I doubt it… it’s not the type of thing I tell people. Then there’s Jennifer, she tends the bar at the Vacuum Tube. A tiny dive bar/cafe popular with the local Matrix crowd. Kind of hard to hide being a Technomancer in a place like that, but then again I’m rarely the only one there.

It’s not much of a life, but so far it’s kept me safe. This is Seattle however, and things always change.


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