Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0

Age: 17 Height 9’9" Weight 440 kg

Hair: Purple Eyes: Black

Big. Block out the sun large. Once you get past the size of this troll, and the spiraling horns that resemble a bighorn sheep’s, it becomes apparent that he’s still fairly young in spite of his size. Dark eyes, green skin, usually dressed in whatever t-shirt and jeans he can find that fits, with his armored jacket over the top. Motorcycle boots fill out the ensemble, and he is not usually far from his Harley.


Henway grew up on the streets of The Pit, the lower East Side of Manhattan. He never knew his parents, and his early childhood was spent scrounging meals and hiding from anyone that might have an agenda against metahumans. As he grew older and larger, he became less inclined to hide and more inclined to violence. While he is not stupid, he never went to school and is very sensitive about anything that makes him feel as if he thinks condescension is being directed at him. This sensitivity can manifest in a number of ways, but most usually by his simply staring at his shoes silently and waiting for it to stop. If someone persists, his silence can eventually give way to rage. Not surprisingly, he was recruited by the Pitt Street Bulls street gang, and for the first time he belonged somewhere. The Bulls engaged in the usual petty street crime, butted heads with other local gangs and generally caused trouble for anyone that wandered across their tiny patch of asphalt.

It was while protecting a corner from another gang that Henway caught the attention of the local Vory. They had been chasing a couple of kids who had drawn their ire, and they ran onto the wrong street. Henway caught hold of both by the throat as they came running around the corner, lifted them off their feet, and slammed their heads together. As their pursuers came around the corner and saw the troll holding their quarry, they immediately saw a use for the young ganger and started directing work towards the Bulls as they drew Henway away from the gang. Neither Henway nor the Bulls really noticed it as it was happening, as his work for the Vory increased over time, both in importance as well as profit. They paid for his cyber and bioware, taught him how to handle weapons, and used him as muscle at first, and later as a bodyguard.

It was while working as a bodyguard that Henway found himself in trouble. He was supposed to be keeping an eye on one of the Vory lieutenant’s during a drug transaction, and he stopped paying attention when the sellers had started to make him feel stupid. They didn’t do anything obvious that he would have known was an insult, instead they just made references to things that he didn’t know or understand, and as they persisted he found himself staring at his feet. He never saw them pull their guns and shoot the Vory courier in the head, he only heard it. He looked up to see them running away, and his charge on the ground, bleeding. By the time he cleared his weapon and started to chase they had reached their vehicle and all he could do was put a stream of slugs into the armored trunk as they drove away. He looked for something to try and stop the bleeding, but his efforts might have actually hastened the death of the Vory he was supposed to have guarded. He had been around the Vory for long enough to know what the reward for failure would be, so he left New York immediately, using a fake SIN to get transportation to Seattle, which he figures is far enough away that nobody he knows in the Vory should find him.

Since reaching Seattle, he’s made peace with the gang that controls the turf where he lives, has used his knowledge of how the underside of society works to make contacts with the people who could get him the gear that he wanted, and has put the word out that if anyone needs muscle that he is available.

His favorite joke is when someone asks “What’s a Henway?” so that he can respond “About 1000 pounds!”


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