Bear Shaman, Healer / Connection 2


“Hank” is just what his name sounds like. A large, burly human that could be mistaken for a truck driver, he is a slow and gentle man that has been called by “Bear” to do healing works. He moves in strange circles in the Redmond Barrens—he’ll treat anyone that comes to him for aid, regardless of metatype or political leaning. The various gangs have declared him off limits—one of the few things they can agree upon, as they both need his services.
Hank was approached early on by Rose Croix and offered a lucrative job in their magical healing services program, but he surprised them by turning it down. He has nothing against the corporations, per se, but has decided that he is needed more in the Barrens than in some clean, white lab where rich housewives come for cosmetic surgery.
If a character has Hank as a contact, they can attempt to stop once per adventure for whatever they need. He tries to use as many natural healing herbs as possible, so he rarely has need for modern medicines. He uses his magical skills to create powerful poultices and healing potions.

Preferred Runners: Down to Earth, Civic Minded

Uses: Healing

Places to Meet: Barrens

Contact: In Person

Available: Always



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