Massive troll security mage


Freelance security mage / Connection 2

George is about the fattest troll you’ve ever seen, carting around a bulk that even his impressive strength struggles to move at more than a glacial pace. Not that he moves a lot. He can usually be found bunkered up with an impressively heavy duty inflatable chair and a few boxes of “SaltySoySnax!”, monitoring whatever he is guarding via either mage goggles or or astral projection.

He is fairly bright as trolls go, but more relevently he is a consumate professional at his job. He’ll use wards, watchers, bound and freshly summoned elementals to do most of the work for him, will use astral projection to gather further intelligence, is a skilled astral combatant, is observant in astral and meat space, doesn’t take chances, works with his team, and can sit there for 24 hours without taking a bathroom break, if necessary.

Massive as he is, he still wears custom made security armor, allowing him to soak substantial damage. However he doesn’t take on contracts that require him to defend anything with his life, and he knows when it is time to surrender.

He has done quite a bit of work for Mafia owned business/facilities in Tacoma, but to him that has all just been business.

Preferred Runners: Ones that leave him alone — Runners are usually what he’s guarding against. But if he must, ones that treat him with professional courtesy.

Uses: Security training, security work, help with rituals, a fourth for Bridge (but never for info about his current or former employers)

Places to Meet: Matrix cafes, Portland Avenue Community Center Friday Night Bridge Drop-In

Contact: Matrix ad, commlink, in person

Available: 40% (that he’s not on a job)

OOC notes: exceptional body attribute, agility of 1, initiate grade 2 (centering, spell shaping), power focus 3, sustaining focus 4 (usually sustaining increased willpower — he doesn’t worry a lot about high initiative)



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