Fixer / Connection 6


Fox’s background is unknown, almost as if he were a shadowrunner, but the way he treats his runners would contradict that idea. Fox is a very accomplished fixer, but knows the score – his role is to facilitate the hiring of “expendable assets”, and that is just how he feels about most of them. They are tools to be used. Granted, one must take care of one’s tools, lest they get broken, but beyond that, Fox only cares about his reputation.
While Fox may treat his talent like scum, he is known to be fair in his dealings and can get most hard- to-obtain items. The corporate world respects him as well, for he always seems to find the right people for the right job. His success rate in the shadows over the years has been phenomenal.
Fox normally wears a standard grey business suit, one befitting mid level sararimen. His confident swagger and penchant for cigars are the only things that identify him as something other than corporate. When Fox responds to a situation, he is always in control.

Preferred Runners: All – as long as they have talent and can do the job!

Uses: Jobs and cred, information, gear, additional contacts

Places to Meet: Anywhere the fixer desires; typical places include local bars or clubs, coffee shops, crowded street corners where surveillance is next to impossible.

Contact: Phone, Email

Available: Always



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