Armorer / Connection 3


“Finger” is very reclusive, and therefore does not reveal his name to many people. He is an expert weapons specialist and gunsmith, and has worked with many of the megacorps in the fields of weapons development. He has been able to remain a freelancer, selling his skills to the highest bidder. For many years, that kept him at the Ares Arms Weapons Testing Facility in Seattle. Some events from several years ago, however, opened his eyes to some of the crimes Ares had committed in the name of “testing.” As a result, he decided to go deeper into the shadows for a while.

Preferred Runners: The paying, trustworthy kind.

Uses: Weapons information, weapons manufacture / modification, special weapons (Connection 7 for procuring weapons)

Places to Meet: Virtual only

Contact: Virtual Messaging, Drops

Available: Will respond to most emails within 24 hours (4d6). If online, can contact through messaging (1 in 6).



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