Freeze Frame

Bellevue Decker; Connection 2


Age: appears to be in early 20’s
Height: approx 5’8"
Weight: approx 55kg

Jessica Agata appears to be a typical party girl/stripper who doesn’t have a care in the world. The only thing that is slightly at odds with this image is the semi-disguised cyberarm that replaces her right arm (and contains her cyberdeck).

Preferred Runners: The paying kind

Uses: Matrix support, Information Gathering, Parties

Places to Meet: Bars, clubs but NEVER at her day job

Contact: Virtual, phone, email

Available: When she feels like it, usually 1d6 hours less loyalty

Jessica had a pretty tough childhood growing up in the Redmond Barrens. Whilst she had no formal schooling she showed a natural aptitude for the matrix from an early age. Unfortunately she was not able to pursue this aptitude as her family had no money with which to purchase anything more than the cheapest of commlinks on the market.

She originally began dancing in one of the barrens corner bars in an attempt to bring in money before her drunk father starting pimping her out. Whilst she did bring in the money her father still decided they could get even more if she was also on the game and beat her into submission. It was whilst she was entertaining a low level corporate manager, who had a penchant for slumming it and abusing the girls he was with, that she lost her arm. His abuse got out of hand and her arm was smashed beyond repair. Jessica caused severe damage to him before passing out with the pain.

When she awoke she was in a strange room with a striking elven woman. This woman explained that she had heard of Jessica’s plight and had paid off her father and covered the surgery to replace the destroyed arm. Whilst not owned by Madame Butterfly, Jessica feels totally in her debt and still works in The Butterfly Effect under the name Pink Ice as well as running the matrix under the name Freeze Frame.

Freeze Frame

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