Eddie Falcone

Eddie's Coffee Shop Owner / Connection 3


Eddie Falcone is a former member of the Halloweeners. He now runs a coffee shop / “greasy spoon” in Renton. Even though it has been a decade since he ran with the gangs, he still considers them like family and don’t take crap from anyone. Most of his clientele are locals and gang members themselves, so only the foolish would bad-mouth the Halloweeners inside the shop.
His gruff exterior is commonly accompanied by the stub of a cheap cigar. He mistrusts outsiders, especially those that do not appear to be from the streets. Fancy boys, elves in general, and cops are all on his “drek list.” He is barely tolerant of other metas, whether they come from the street or not—if they are a ganger, then there is also instant suspicion, as the meta gangs and the Halloweeners are often at odds.
If you want to get the low-down on the Halloweeners or other gang activity in general, Eddie is the one to ask without dealing with the gangs directly. Just be careful what you ask and how you ask it, or you could be staring down the barrel of one of the most powerful handguns in the sprawl…

Preferred Runners: The paying type.

Uses: Word on the Street, Set up Meets

Places to Meet: Eddie’s Coffee House

Contact: In Person, Commlink, Email

Available: Whenever Eddie’s Coffee House is open.


Eddie Falcone

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