Emergency Exit

Street Sam and Medic


Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0


Emergency Exit, or Agustus Rothmeyer as his mother used to call him, never intended to end up in the Shadows, it kind of just happened. All it took was one UCAS Black OP going south before he found himself in the Shadows. It was supposed to be an easy smash and grab at a suspected Universal Brotherhood safehouse but it was doomed from the moment the briefing said it was going to be an in and out job. The only part of the briefing that was technically correct was that it was a Universal Brotherhood safehouse, with the emphasis on was. What it turned out to be was the entrance to a full-blown Bug Spirit Hive and that was only the start of it going pear shaped because naturally the Brotherhood knew they were coming because the element of surprise would have made it too easy. Fortunately a bullet works just as well on a Bug Shaman as it does on everyone else, not so fortunately it doesn’t do so good against actual bug spirits but Bug Spirits work just fine on UCAS Black Ops Assault Teams. Out of options and without an escape route Emergency Exit decided to blow the hive sky-high and make a run for the exit. Fortunately the collapse of the hive was enough of a distraction to get him clear but he was the only one who made it out alive. During the debrief he was given the mission to go deep-cover into the Seattle Shadowrunner community to hunt down and destroy any Universal Brotherhood facilities he came across as there should’ve been no way the Brotherhood had been expecting an attack from an Assault Team that doesn’t technically exist, however it was made abundantly clear that this would be a permanent assignment as there would be no way to pull him out when he was done.

Emergency Exit

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