Ork Adept Weapons Specialist/ Bounty Hunter


Street Cred 0 Notoriety 0 Public Awareness 0

Ork Male Age 25
Height 6’2 Weight 195lbs

Deex is not a flashy or flamboyant type of person. He’d blend in with many crowds found throughout the Seattle barrens and lower class areas. He’s not exceptionally big for an Orc or exceptionally muscled. Some may say he’s even a little scrawny for the breed.

He’s often dressed in combat boots with jeans and a t-shirt. His one extravagance his his nice jacket. Nothing special, nothing noteworthy. And that’s the way Deex likes it.


Derrick was born and raised in the flyover states of the UCAS. He grew up living in a small town and spent most of his childhood doing the one thing he loves: Hunting.

His dad was a huge gun enthusiast and a bit of a nutjob about conspiracy theories and doomsday prepping. So much of Derrick’s childhood was spent running drills through this or that remote part of the country preparing for whatever the next major catastrophe would be.

He spent his teneage years as a guide for the rich hunter wannabe that thought they knew more than they did while he led them by the nose to whatever they latest prey was.

He knew he would never make the big money by killing animals for profit. So he began hunting things that would bring hiim big scores. He began hunting for fugitives. And bounty hunting made him some decent money.

The only problem was that more often than not the people he hunted were making better money than he was. So while he still hunts bounties on the side now he’s doing more in the Shadows.


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