Walks In Cloud

Technomancing Ganger


Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 4 Public Awareness: 0

Walks in Cloud is a tall young man who appears to be in his late teens or early twenties. His round face, slightly widened nose and naturally tanned skin reveal his Native American ancestry. His dark hair generally looks in need of a comb as it hangs in somewhat of a matted mess from his head but his presence is engaging and inviting. His dark eyes often seem to be gazing into the distance or into other worlds giving Walks in Cloud a somewhat mystical and beguiling air. His frame leans to the scrawny side and his clothes tend to hang off him rather than be fitted.

He dresses casually but with a slight urban edge, not trying to attract attention by either looking too much like like a Corp sarariman nor stand out like an Ork ganger. Comfortable in t-shirt, jeans and sneakers his apparel is often rounded out with a loose sweater or synth jacket as protection from the Seattle weather. Rejecting most of the normal adornments of full sleeve tattoos or multiple body piercings Walks in Cloud announces his tribal affiliation through the bead necklaces he wears. In warmer weather when no jacket or sweater is required then tribal tattoos on his upper arms are visible.

In social interaction Walks in Cloud can be reserved and maybe even nervous at first but displays acute intelligence and insight in conversation. He is able to converse easily across a broad range of subjects and demonstrates a sharp business mind as well as a smoothness that makes everyone around him feel comfortable.


Walks In Cloud never realized he was different. As far back as he can remember there was always the hum in the background, the muted buzz of first a few, then hundreds and now thousands of voices talking softly to one another. Small motes of light would flash and dance at the corner of his sight, catching his eye and demanding his attention. His teachers called it Attention Deficit Disorder and suggested medication. The medication helped, not by stopping the distractions but by dulling the senses to the point where the noise was manageable.

Born Jez Sampson, his Native American parents thought he was a dreamer, a kid whose thoughts dwelt in another world and didn’t live in the present. In a way they were right. The Matrix crash of 2064 and the subsequent explosion of wireless technology revealed to the world a group of people with a new and unique talent, a sensitivity to technology and data communication that rivaled the sensitivity of the awakened to the world of magic. Technomancers was how the media labelled them, gifted people who could interact with the digital world by the power of their minds and a world that was dependent on technology became afraid.

As he grew older his gift quickly became evident. As ARO developed and became part of everyday life his parents realized that their son had no need of the technology the rest of the world used to experience this phenomenon. Instead that was the world he lived in, the world he’d always lived in. Fearful for their son, and themselves, they begged him to keep his talents under wraps, but Walks In Cloud desired to explore the depth of his ability. Learning through the experience of the ADD medication how to filter the streams of data flowing directly through his synapses he began to experiment.

At first his experiments were crude but as he learned to harness his mind things started to happen. At school his grades began to improve while his attention in class seemed to wander, information that once thought safe started to be put out into the public domain and unexplained glitches seemed to haunt the school’s computer systems. Eventually the school board hired a watchman, a spider to watch over the school’s web and to identify the cause of the problem.

One night Walks In Cloud ran straight into the spider’s web. Not knowing how to handle an experienced decker or how to hide his trail he ran, dumping out of the digital world and feeling the full effects of the bio-feedback coursing through his body. The school authorities, realising that they were facing something more than the random hacking of a school keyboard jock, contacted those in charge of all things Matrix and Walk In Cloud’s gift was revealed to the world.

The agents of GOD moved quickly, tracing and capturing him. The fear of the ability of technomancers, both in the corporate and social world, led to harsh penalties even for those in their teens. Now with a criminal SIN, he was transferred to a high security facility somewhere outside of Seattle known only as The Static. Hastily built to house the digitally gifted while the MegaCorps argued and debated about who should have the “right” to deal with the Technomancer problem, The Static was a depressing hellhole of silence. Judiciously employed Signal Jammers and Faraday Cages meant adapting to the dullness of life without the Matrix. At fifteen the enormity of the situation threatened to overwhelm the young technomancer, and probably would have done without the intervention of QuikStep.

QuikStep, a human several years older was one of the Otaku, a member of Ex Pacis, used by Winternight to unleash the Matrix crash on metahumanity seven years earlier in 2064. Captured and imprisoned during the fallout that followed the crash QuikStep had plenty of time to ponder his involvement in the events of that period. With the wisdom of age and the experience of life apart from the Matrix led QuikStep to understand the twisted beliefs
of Ex Pacis and how Winternight used that to their advantage. Vowing not to allow that to happen to others he saw a chance to make amends and seek redemption. Taking Walks In Cloud under his wing QuikStep spent the next two years trying to teach him how to master and control his talent the best he can given the environment.

After two years in The Static the QuikStep and Walks In Cloud escape. Walks In Cloud never found out how exactly QuikStep was able to do it, but through some means he had managed to pierce the protective curtain that surrounded their prison and set a few digital agents to work freeing them. All Walks In Cloud knows is that they basically walked out the side door without a big fuss. They quickly disappeared into the Seattle underground. Working together for a few months QuikStep added the practical experience needed to the training given the previous two years.

Aware that their presence together posed a threat to both of them QuikStep took his leave, assuring Walks In Cloud that he has the skills and abilities necessary to survive and promising to keep in contact via the Matrix. Left alone in the Barrens, branded a criminal and desperately sought out by the authorities as well as those attracted to the notoriety and bounty associated with technomancers Walks in Cloud initially sinks deeper into the shadows.

Being careful and only reaching out to a few trusted people. One of those is Harvest Moon, a childhood friend who now runs with a Native American gang called the Wolves of the Barrens. Running into her while looking for his parents, whom he discovers have moved away to an unknown location, her openness and friendship brings Walks in Cloud into a relationship with the gang who give him his native name. While he knows that many of the gang members would be willing to collect on his bounty should he stop proving to be useful Walks in Cloud values the friendship with Harvest Moon and would not see anything happen to her.

Now a scrawny looking, nineteen year old Walks in Cloud is struggling like most others in the barrens to find his way and carve out his niche. Always with one eye open for trouble he knows his criminal history and reputation proceed him but his talent is undeniable. Recently he has become far more active in taking action on a number of issues. Walks in Cloud desires to re-unite with his parents, free himself, QuikStep and others of his ilk from the burden of notoriety placed on them and maybe, just maybe, explore deeper his relationship with Harvest Moon. He knows that all of that will take resources and so now it’s time to put those talents to work…

Walks In Cloud

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