Monique Chevalier

The Maid / Connection 3



Preferred Runners: Personal maid to Lady Tanya Marisart. Will work with others.

Uses: Provides information via “servant connection”. They are invisible after all, and hear much that can be useful. Many like to complain about their employers to their peers. She also helps Tanya plan her thefts.

Places to Meet: Running errands to dry cleaners, stuffer shack, specialty grocery

Contact: Email, comm code

Available: Normally every Tuesday and Thursday after breakfast and getting her employer dressed for the day.


Monique was born in Paris, France. Her mother’s name is Madeleine and she is a cheap whore who never seemed to have time for her kids, of which Monique was but the latest. Her father was any one of the men her mother took to bed or met in an alley for sex. Monique knows that she has six siblings but has only ever met three of them, the others had moved on or been taken by social services. Of the others, Julienne lived at home and shared their mother’s occupation. Nights in the small apartment were a bit if both Julienne and Madeleine were “entertaining”. Jacques was a thug who came by now and again to use the family place to hide out from the police or other thugs. Marcel was different. He had left home as a teen and had actually made something of himself. He would come by once in a while.

Monique learned enough from Jacques to get her in trouble with the law on occasion. He taught her how to locate a mark on a street and how to fabricate or take advantage of any distraction to pick a pocket or cut a purse. As a young girl, she was expected to help support the family since much of what Madeleine and Julienne earned was spent on drugs, smokes, and the sort of cheap alcohol one could find in their pitiful area of the greater Paris sprawl. It was Monique’s thefts that put food on the table and allowed her to replace her clothes on occasion.

When she was fourteen she woke one night to find her mother’s current boyfriend and pimp groping at her. Her mother stood in the doorway of the small room, flicking ashes from her cigarette as she watched the man rape Monique. When he was done and managed to roll off the girl, Madeleine told her that it was about time that Monique learned what it was all about and that she would be expected to contribute to the family. The pimp arranged for other men to use the girl, and frequently used her himself when Madeleine was too drugged to cooperate with him, or just to “train” her in the best ways to please a man.

One night, Jacques returned to the apartment, running from someone as usual and heard Monique crying as the pimp was raping her again. The two men fought, but the pimp was stronger and had Jacques on the floor, hitting him over and over. Monique grabbed a table lamp and hit the man over the head, knocking him off her brother. She then hit him again and again and again, until he stopped moving. Jacques finally grabbed her arm and told her to stop, that the man was dead and would never harm her again. He told her that he knew a man who could help him move the body, but that she needed to get out of Paris for a while. He gave her some credits he had lifted from his last job and sent her to see Marcel, to see if he could get her out of the city.

It turned out that “out of the city” was London, England. She liked the London Sprawl much better than Paris. Her French accent was considered a bit exotic and she found that her pickpocketing skills were more than enough to keep her (barely) in clothes, food, and a slum squat to live in. Hardly the height of style, but so much better than her previous life. It was while she was working a concert that she was discovered by her future employer, Lady Tanya Marisart.

Now she lives the posh life. Even in semi-exile in Seattle, UCAS, they have a hotel suite, she wears clothes which cost enough to have paid the rent on the cheap squat in Paris for several months. Her employer is actually her friend, something she had never thought she would have. She helps Tanya plan and execute her thefts and had developed her own small network of acquaintances among the personal staff of the Seattle social elite. It is amazing how many employers simply do not see the servants in their fancy homes and how much those same servants like to complain about the way their employers treat them. Monique has found that servants can be a source of information that she and Tanya can use.

She has grown accustomed to Lady Tanya’s nightmares. The woman has never really gotten over the accident that stripped her family from her and Monique has learned how to help her get past the worst of the times. She picks up after her boss and smiles at the stream of lovers that have come through the large flat. She knows that Tanya is looking for something that she has not found yet.

Monique Chevalier

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