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(The following description should be read as though it were spoken in a Louisiana French/Cajun accent.)

Weak? You say that I am weak? Well, perhaps I am weak of the body, but I have strength that you can only wonder at. Strength of the mind, the will, strength of The Art, Strength of My Loa. Papa Bones and Mama Amour are not to be trifled with, and I claim their gifts for myself as a means to serve them.
Small? Yes I am small, but that is the nature of my people; we do not grow large in body, but we are great of spirit and power. My small size and almost child like face belie a being that is ancient as the fourth world. The Horrors that I have fought would make humans run screaming for their mothers to protect them from their nightmares. These battles have only served to make me stronger, stronger of will and stronger of mind. The only scar they have left me with is the shock of white hair in the center of my otherwise completely black pixie cut.
My smile is my best weapon, though I am nece afraid to use my sexy body. I eschew the plain tastes of so many of my fellow beings of magic, and prefer to wear something either more elegant or more revealing. I particularly like for men and women to notice that though I am small, I have the curves that would make most simsense stars jealous. My rippling deep purple butterfly wings are best matched with lighter shades of sparkly lavender and of course greens are never out of fashion. Both colors help offset my pale milky skin. If you look into the languid whorlpools of my pale blue eyes you will fall deeply in love. Or at least madly in lust. Frankly I don’t really care which, but you will want to please me.
I am quick as the wind in an oncoming lightning storm, quick of both mind and body. When there is trouble, you will never see me coming, or running away, whichever is most appropriate. And just try it find me if I don’t want you to.
I am not much enchanted by these so called “technologies” that humans have developed, as a matter of fact they make me rather sick. But as a matter of practicality I understand the need that everyone has to at least carry a comm. mine of course is the most beautiful piece to accentuate my other jewelry that I simply must wear in order to please my Loa. Really though these paltry gimmicks pale in comparison to the great magical mechanisms of the fourth world.


I awoke in the bayous just outside of New Orleans in the year 2025. I have practiced magic since the middle of the fourth age, using my exceptional abilities to fight against The Horrors. When I first awoke from my long quest in the meta planes, , I worked with the great dragon Dunkelzan as an agent investigating magical phenomena and suppressing threats too great for mortal humans to understand. I have eradicated more toxic shamans than I care to remember, usually by beating them in their domain. It was during this time as his right hand pixie, I made first contact with the insect spirits. They really weren’t that bad. It wasn’t until they found out that humans had long ago started systematically committing genocide against them that they decided to unleash their true potential, and we’ve all seen how well that worked out. From their perspective, it really was a matter of self preservation.
My time working for the great dragon took me to many strange and exotic locales. I have investigated the mana storms of Tibet and the Australian outback. I have cracked the veil of Tir Tangire. I have been in the most remote parts of Amazonia and the bleakest corners of the Mojave. I have met people who did not even know that there was “modern” “civilization” mere kilometers away. I once tracked a blood spirit as it made its way from the foul center of Mexico City to an assassination attempt against the guerrilla leaders of the uprising in Chiapas, where I destroyed said spirit in single handed combat. I was once in an undercover mission in eastern Siberia to determine the intentions of the rung cabal of shape shifters there. I wasn’t particularly impressed with them though one of them did somehow manage to discover my hiding place. I’ve never figured out how she did it, though my best guess is that her protective maternal instincts were heightened due to the fact that she had recently had a litter of pups.
After my great friend’s assassination I went into semi-retirement in my “native” New Orleans. Mostly I worked on cleaning all the damage done by centuries of humans spilling their filth on the earth. It was during this time that I realized there was only one thing stronger in the human heart than greed, Lust. So I went to work on using that lust to reshape the world. I opened the first strip club in N.O. to feature meta humans of all types and variations. The girls I worked with were a solid crew and often, between protests and media events, we would go into the bayou cleaning the pollution and calling on the spirits of that place to guide us. We built a grassroots movement to clean up and protect the bayous from those who would ravage them for money.
Unfortunately, the corporate powers that be did not appreciate my “meddling” in their “business”. And somehow, I started having strange “accidents”. After my night club was burnt to the ground, my Loa told me that staying in N.O. LA was not in my future; I had done all that I could for my home and I had to leave. My Loa did not say where I should travel to. I only had hints of an emerald city (boy is that a misnomer, the original Emerald City during the Fourth World was such a wonder to behold, filled with powerful witches and wizards ruling over broad domains. I remember watching the flying monkey swarms so thick they almost blotted out the sun. For the cost of a poppy, Soothsayers would read your future in those flights. The streets were literally paved with golden bricks the yellow of which shamed the sun. Animals and magical autonama were commonplace. Ah, I miss those days).
So here I am in to cold damp place that reminds me oddly of my adopted home. The salt air is sweet, but the chill is so constant that it reaches my bones and makes me wonder if it will ever leave me alone. I spent a decade exploring a water spirits meta planar domain that was primarily ice. That felt warmer than this miserable dingy excuse of a city. But, until my Loa say that I have finished whatever it is they want me to do here, here I will remain.

Cherie - Inactive

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