John Chance

Fed Gone Dark


Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0

Human, Male
6’2", 85 kg
Age: 29 Skin: Caucasian
Eyes: Green Hair: Black

Nothing remarkable stand out about John Chance. He looks to be in his late 20’s and appears to take care of himself. There is a certain athleticism and grace about him but nothing compared with many of those walking the streets of Seattle, or any other part of the planet, these days. He does have a habit of always being aware of what is happening around him and seems to be rarely caught off guard. A personable chap, people find themselves somewhat drawn to him, often answering questions they would otherwise choose to avoid. For most who meet him, the worst that could be said about him is that he has a fondness for single malts.


Just as there is little remarkable about his appearance there is little remarkable about his childhood and upbringing either. The only child of a university lecturer and a mid-level corporate manager, John did well enough in school (both academically and socially) to earn a place at Georgetown University where he studied psychology. Upon graduation he drifted for a few months before applying to join the FBI. Again he did well enough to be accepted onto and subsequently pass the Bureau’s selection and training program to become a junior agent.

It was here that things started to change for him as not long after graduation he was assigned to a task force set up to track down the then notorious Washington “Diamond Teardrops” serial killer, named by the press for his signature of leaving 3 small diamonds under the left eye of each victim as though they were teardrops. At the time it was widely accepted that the killer had to be extremely wealthy but Chance suggested that perhaps other avenues of enquiry should be investigated as well. He thought it might be possible that the diamonds were actually taken from used drill bits and that the perpetrator might well come from a blue collar manufacturing background instead. As the world now knows this turned out to be true when a year later Malcolm Collins, a low end factory worker, was finally arrested and subsequently found guilty of the killings.

Following this success Chance was assigned to the Seattle offices where he ended up spending most of his time working either abduction cases or as a negotiator attached to the HRT division. These cases can take a toll on a person, especially due to the number of cases ending in victim death or resolved due to suicide by cop is so great, and during this time Chance developed his liking for single malts. He also was part of the team that brought down a Vory metahuman trafficking ring in Seattle where he first met Jessica Agata.

In what was to turn out to be his last case with the Bureau John was assigned the case of a missing Elven girl who was visiting Seattle from Tir Tairngire. At the time it was known that her parents were both executives with Telestrian Industries but what was not known was that she was the fiancée of a cousin of someone on the Council of Princes. Chance was able to determine that she had been abducted at the behest of an Arabic mage though the reasons were never made clear. Realising that there was limited time to effect a rescue before she was shipped away Chance arranged for HRT support and a plan was put into effect.

What was not known was that a team of Tir Ghosts were also tracking the girl and were ready to take direct action as well. This led to both teams not only engaging the kidnappers but also each other, each believing the other team was associated with the kidnappers. Whilst the overall mission was a success there were high casualty levels on both the HRT and Ghost teams and the girl was seriously injured, having been blinded by the kidnappers, before anyone could get to her.

This finally broke Chance, after he carried the girl out from the warehouse where she was being held he quit the FBI and spent several months deeper in a bottle than ever before. He was only pulled back following a call from Jessica Agata who wanted him to meet her benefactor, Madame Butterfly who had a job she thought he would be ideal for. This job involved the disappearance of several street kids and ultimately ended up introducing Chance to Red and putting him on the path of a shadowrunner.

John Chance

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