Ganger / Connection 4


“Burpie” is a gang leader in the Halloweeners. He was reluctantly drafted after they found out that Eddie Falcone had a little brother. Eddie, “Burpie’s” older brother, did nothing to stop the recruitment, as he felt that the gang might be able to protect his little brother as well as teach him to defend himself. “Burpie” has since passed his initiation into the gang and come up into his own, leading the Halloweener’s chapter in Renton.

“Burpie” had dreams of one day becoming a race car driver, and saved up for a datajack and vehicle control rig. He continues work as an outrider for the Halloweeners, personally scouting ahead on his motorcycle and reporting back to the main group of any problems. Otherwise, he can be found working or hanging out at his brother’s coffee shop in the neighborhood in Renton.

Preferred Runners: Halloweeners, Street Sams, Street Toughs

Uses: Information on Gangs, Word on the Street

Places to Meet: Halloweeners territory. Eddie’s Coffee House

Contact: Commlink, Email, In Person

Available: Usually available to talk, 50/50 to meet.



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