Larry "Big" Sanchez

Fixer; Connection 2


Wearing an older, but nice suit, Larry “Big” Sanchez works the ’links and ’trix to finagle the few runners in his stable into profitable jobs. Overweight, the human fixer is constantly trying new fad diets and bitching about exercise. His plate and cup are hardly ever empty at meets, though.

Preferred Runners:

Uses: Street Level fixer, middleman.

Places to Meet: Renton, Tacoma, seedier bars Downtown Seattle.




’Hello, hello, my friends. Welcome, please sit down and make yourself comfortable. Would you like some breadsticks? Perhaps some wine or beer? Once you have settled in, we can discuss biz, neh?"

Larry Sanchez works the streets as a low level fixer, looking to climb into a higher pay scale and, hopefully, get picked up by an organized crime syndicate. For the moment, he has his feelers out and can get you enough work to keep soykaf and tacos on your plate. Just don’t expect a huge score or a lot of information.

Larry "Big" Sanchez

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