Athena Tatopoulos

Media / Connection 4


Athena is a recluse who runs KSAF solely from the Matrix. She hasn’t been publicly seen in over two years, and no one knows where her meat body is. She maintains a vast network of contacts and sources around the globe, and works hard to keep KSAF at the top of the news food chain.
She operates strictly out of the Matrix these days, so the only contact the runners have with her is through her icon: a cartoony, anthropomorphic 1950s style microphone with a beehive hairdo and a pair of pointed, 1950s cat’s eye style glasses. Despite the somewhat silly design of her matrix icon, Athena is very businesslike. She’s very motivated, and her personality and charisma comes through the matrix.

Preferred Runners: Deckers, Any

Uses: Rumors and Information

Places to Meet: Matrix

Contact: Matrix

Available: Always


Athena Tatopoulos

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