Smuggler of Cyberware, vehicle, etc, / Connection 4


This ork is all about business, but that doesn’t mean he is boring or stuffy. He just doesn’t mix business with pleasure, because that tends to be bad for business. Abrams, if that is how you know him, has a reddish complexion and his oversized teeth are bleached to perfection. He also tends to dress to the nines. He is quite short for an Ork, coming in at 170 cm and a mere 105kg.

Preferred Runners:


Places to Meet:




Abrams is an Ork smuggler who can get his hands on a pretty decent assortment of cyberware, vehicles, drones, decks, or other assorted electrical goodies on either side of the law. His modus operandi is largely unknown, but the vast majority of his observed meetings have taken place within 10 miles of some sort of dock facility.


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