Shaking Down Shadows

White Hat

Kumiho stepped back from his work bench, glancing down at his deck. The little box with the Orange and White hard case looked almost new, you wouldn’t have noticed the additions he added to it over the last two days. The additions or Mods were much needed though. After his last run, he took some serious heat at the end and his Deck was bricked in the process. He did a decent job fix her up once he was awake afterwards, but he realized that his nice little Hermes Chariot just wasn’t going to cut it next time he ran into that level of Ultraviolet. He couldn’t afford a newer, better model, even after the large sum he made on the job. But He could fix her up and modified her so she had a sharper edge on the matrix.

Once he was satisfied, Kumiho flicked her no. The little bar of indicator light lite up one by one – indicating that there was no problems. He then pulled on his AR gloves and made the programmed gesture that brought up the AR diagnostics HUD for the deck. He set the diagnostics in motion and while he waited for that to complete – he flicked opened his inbox to check his mail. He flicked open a few private messages from people in the know who “Might” have leads on one of his most recent inquiries. A lot of these were most likely dead ends, he would check each of them out one by one to be sure. Once he discovered the woman’s identity she would become one more piece to the puzzle to the secret of a man’s death and the Big Whys of the case.
Kumiho stopped after opening a new message that was under the heading: I need Help. This one was sent from a Victor R Trokosky – a freelance Graphic Designer who crafted Logos and interactive iconography. He read over the message twice before deciding to investigate further. Kumiho flicked back to the diagnostics HUD and waited until it was done. Then he swiped the HUD away and sat down in his comfortable heavy padded chair. After getting himself situated, he flicked the toggle on the deck and went still. He would appear to be asleep if it was not for the occasional movement of his fingers over the deck.

Kumiho find himself on his local grid in his usual ICON, a robbed scholar with a large Ink Brush, Fox Head, and 8 ethereal fox tails. With a wave of his Brush, Kumiho painted a symbol l before him in mid air. The Symbol appeared to be the symbol for Bridge. In the fabric of the matrix, this symbol transcended the Korean meaning, the deck feeding the matrix’s instructions through the imagery of the symbol. Before Kumiho appeared a Bridge upon which he stepped on to as soon as it appeared. Well it appeared that Kumiho was walking a ancient stone bridge made of ink and light – the matrix knew better and was in fact transporting his ICON to the Matrix Address Kumiho had gave it inside the imagery of the Korean symbol for bridge.

When Kumiho stepped off the bridge he appeared in a chat room that was sculpted to look like the interior of “Satire on False Perspective” by Willaim Hogarth; Kumiho’s ICON taking on the Forced Black and White of the Inked drawing. He was in fact standing upon the bridge in the background. If he looked to his right he could make out the comical gentlemen that was fishing on the bank in the foreground. On the bridge with him was a man whose ICON was done in the cubist movement made famous by Pablo Picasso. He bowed to the fellow in greeting saying,

“As requested I have come – I hope that my services can help you in your time of need.”

“Thank you for coming. A mutual friend of ours said that you would be able to help me and I hope she was correct.” He paused for a moment, his ICON going Static for a moment before he began.
“Some time ago I designed a Logo – a New one for my portfolio only and not for use for anyone or company. I think this was about 8 months ago. However, it had come to my attention that this Logo was being used as part of a Political campaign run by a Trudy Hart. Mrs. Hart is still currently using my logo in her campaign even though I have set her several cease and descess orders and that the case is now heading to court. I was informed by the corporate lawyer that represents Mrs. hart, that the case will be held up in court for the next 6 years and that I was just better off just allowing Mrs. Harts campaign the continued use of the logo. A logo they pointed out that I left on the Matrix, in a public place. They argue that I left it in the public and as such it has become Public Domain. The public place this appeared though was my person Gallery, where clients can view my work.”
Kumiho was sure that on the other side of the ICON, whose face like all faces on the matrix was passive, Victor R Trokosky was very emotional and in pain.
Victor R Trokosky continued, “I rather die then allow my work be stolen by heartless mumblers who sell themselves to the corporate elite and rubble the rest of us into the dirt. So I will wait my day in court knowing I have the right of this, but I cannot stand to let them use my art, my design to further their own desires. So I have decided that I will pay you 5,000 nuyen to make it so that no one can use that design ever again.”

Kumiho thought this through for a moment before replying.
“I can do this but I will need something more than the payment to complete the task you have set at my feet. I would guess that they stole the design from your gallery, copying its code and transferring ti elsewhere. I will need access to the original Logo on your Gallery in order to make your revenge stick as firmly as possible. Id this possible?”

Without hesitation, Victor R Trokosky agreed to these terms and handed Kumiho a small sketch book. In the matrix this appeared to be a small sketch book, but when Kumiho’s ICON took it from Victor R Trokosky’s ICON it transferred not only the Imagery of the sketch book but also the Info and funds that the sketch book represented.

Kumiho logged off and was one again back at his place. Once again he started to pull items up in AR. First he checked over the contains of the sketch book that Victor R Trokosky handed. Kumiho transferred the Nuyen to his account and then looked over the other data. With the key to the original File in hand Kumiho began running a search for all the locations, hosts, ads, etc that Victor R Trokosky’s Logo were currently posted. The deck would be at this for a time and while he waited he began to type the code he would need in a Note app.
This is what a a noble knight of the information super highway is all about, he thought to himself. Righting the wrongs and removing the darkness that cloaked the truth from sight.

One week later, Kumiho was back online after the long and painstaking process of writing the code he needed to pull this Next trick off without a bang. He had already visited the original Logo that was on Victor R Trokosky’s gallery. Now he was standing, with one Key hanging from his belt, in side the host for Mrs. Hart’s Campaign. A little snooping around had confirmed what Kumiho had suspected. When the hacker who was paid to take the Logo had cloned it he had also cloned the address it originated from in its code. Kumiho saved that little tidbit to send to Victor R Trokosky later. However, he also found that each image was linked to the one on the Campaign host so that the other would update if any changes were made to the one on this host. Kumiho smiled to himself – this made what he was about to do much easier. He looked around the host’s iconography and nearly laughed as well. Mrs. hart’s campaign manager was being cheap. This host was only one step up from being pixilated; almost not even an Ultraviolet. he approached a simple Know Bot that was the Host’s menu. The thing just smiled a lot and blinked at him – waiting for some kind of question or command. Kumiho ignored the little guy and walked to his back, Then with his Ink Brush scrolled the Korean words for Ownership on the little guys back. This caused the fellow to glitch slightly for a moment before returning back to normal. As Kumiho came back to the face the guys front he now carried three keys on his belt.
“Excuse me, my dear fellow, can you update the Campaign Logo with this”, Kumiho handed the Know bot a little orb, the size of a golf ball, that glowed green . The know bot took it without reply and swiftly went off to carry out its orders.

Kumiho smiled on the other end of his ICON and then logged off.

With in a few days word was buzzing all across the matrix about the humiliation of Mrs. Hart’s campaign. It seems that someone, some how had reprogrammed Mrs. Harts Campaign Logo so that it showed a variety of lewd imagery that some suspected reflected the candidates personality better than the previous logo. It also seemed that the “Bug” keep cropping up, even after they reset the Logo back to its original state. Even a Hard Reboot of the Logo would do it. Kumiho know that the reason for this was because the keep rebooting just the Campaign Host’s Logo and not all of them. It would take a hard reboot of over two hundred separate (yet linked) representations of the logo. Otherwise, the they would just reinfect each other. Victor R Trokosky, on the other hand, was quoted in saying that it seemed that some kind denizen of the Matrix must of heard of his plight and took justice into his own hand.


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