Shaking Down Shadows

War Stories

A Deex Story

Jack leaned back in his chair and laughed. The beer in his hand dangerously close to tipping out it’s contents. “Damn, Deex. You are so full of shit. I know a fucking tale is coming when you’ve been drinking.”

Deex jst leaned back and took another sip of beer. A smile on his lips cause he knew the story was true. He gave Jack a smug look.

“Just because your life isn’t so interesting… What is it you do again? Stocking groceries at the stuffer shack? Gonna get lotsa ladies with that bit of info there, huh?”

Jack sputtered part of his beer. “Got me Carol though didn’t it.” And looks around for his wife rel quick. “And if she heard you telling those stories, I’d never get out of the house to see you again.” Jack leaned back in the chair. “Catching a bullet for some uppity rich chick, tracking down the latest bail jumper… No thanks. I think I’ll stick to my safe little piddly ante job.”

Deex just laughed, “You think your job is safe. I guess I never told you how I nearly got blown to pieces when I just went for a cup of coffee then, huh?”

Jack rolled his eyes, “You try to tell me that story again every time my job comes up man.”

Deex leaned back in the chair. “Just be glad it wasn’t at the store you work at, expecially on a day you worked.”

The day was miserable. Overcast and just dreery. Deex tucked his jacket a little tighter around his neck. The night had been long and cold. Deex coughed then cussed. He’d better not be coming down with something. He still had a job to do. The dirtbag he’d been tracking through the night had given him the slip.

Deex passed through the doors of the Stuffer Shack near where he’d lost the trail. It was time to get something to warm him up a bit. Soycaf would have to do. And it proably would hurt to grab some vitamins and something to ward off any crap that may be starting.

Deex was just slotting his credstick to pay when the man he’d be searching for passed through the door. Both men were startled for just a moment as recognition of the other hit them both.

The force of Deex’s arm slide pushing the pistol into the orc’s hand launched the cup of soycaf across the floor of the store. Deex had already rolled over the counter by the time the liquid hit the floor.

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, MARCUS, YOU DREKHEAD!” Deex yelled as he took aim at his prey.

It took longer for the situation to register with Marcus. By the time it hit the man what was going on, Marcus was already in the crosshairs of Deex’s pistol. Of course that didn’t stop Marcus from going for a pistol himself. The first shot hit Marcus just below the elbow of the arm that held the gun. The next shot hit Marcus in the hip.

Deex sidestepped around the counter, keeping Marcus in his sights the whole time. The whole situation had Deex’s attention, so it was somewhat of a surprise when the grenade cleared Marcus’s shoulder. The man a few feet behind Marcus had been behind the van that was parked next to the door when Deex spotted Marcus. Now the man was standing next to the van. A grenade held in each hand.

Marcus’s unknown partner laughed, “Nice shots, Bouny Hunter!”

The grenade rolled toward Deex. The orc had just enough time to roll back over the counter as it detonated. The blast sent Marcus stumbling back into the van. Shrapnel tearing at flesh that bullets had just torn open.

“You’re a fast bastard aren’t you Bounty Hunter. Here, have another.” The second grenade cleared the wrecked door and bounced over the counter.

This time Deex wasn’t as lucky and had barely cleared the door to the back when the blast went off.

The blast knocked the door off the hinges and into Deex sending him sprawling across the floor. It took a moment to clear the ringing form Deex’s ear. Just enough time to hear the squeal of tires as the two sped away.

Deex took another sip of beer. “Caught that bastard two days later. Of course, Marcus had been left to bleed out. Never found out how the two knew each other or what the grenade happy asshole was doing there.”


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