Shaking Down Shadows

Movin' up north.

The three comrades were jammed together in the front of the truck. A human male is driving, his sister in tightly fit in the middle and a male elf is sitting in the passenger seat, thumbing a data slate. “So, lemme get this straight, Drak. We packed up all our equipment, moved out of L.A., got a place in Seattle, and hauling all our stuff up there? Cause what? Some fixer told you they are making big bucks up there?” The girl asks out loud to the others. The elf pauses for a moment, finishing what he was reading on his slate. “Yep, that’s about the thick of it. Gotta a call saying something big is going on up north. Pulling in runners from all over the country. Seemed like something we can’t miss out on.” Drak replies. “So what?! We’re going somewhere no one knows us, we got no rep, no contacts, and I’m assuming, no savings?” the woman, Alexandra, says to Drak. “It’s gonna be worth it, Alex. We do some jobs here, make some bank, and haul back down to L.A. when it gets slow. At least if it gets crazy, we can bail and we got somewhere to hide out.” Alex sits back in silence, knowing that when Drak has a plan, they were going to be going along for the ride. Feeling the tension in the air, Drak breaks the silence, “When we make some money, we can buy some new rigs. You guys definitely need better ones that whats back there.” Alex knows what Drak was trying to do, “Oh, we better. And they better be novahot.” She replies with a small sarcastic tone in her voice. The two begin to “discuss” how hot this rig is gonna be. The brother thinks to himself out loud, but under his breath, “We should of left her in L.A., but noooooo, need us both.”


JaydeMoon mark_eddleman

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