Shaking Down Shadows

Growing Up Henway - Part Three

Henway Back Story

Manhattan Lower East Side 2073

The big bike roared through the streets of lower Manhattan, a deep throated rumble that announced the arrival of its rider in the same way that a medieval herald announced an entrant to the court of the king. Gang members on corners glanced up as the bike wound its way from Pitt Street to Delancey, then south along Clinton to Madison Street. Every couple of blocks the colors changed, but Henway wasn’t concerned with them. He wasn’t wearing his Pitt Street Bulls colors, and everyone knew that he was working for the Russians these days. Whatever beef another gang might have with the Bulls, if his size and reputation didn’t deter them, it wasn’t worth risking the wrath of the Vory to cause him any problems.

Hopping the curb, he cut along the wide, crumbling sidewalk between the run down tenements, past an aging bakery and a chiphead who stared blankly at the wall on the other side of the Henry Street Settlement, oblivious to the Harley and everything else around him. Coming to a stop next to the Vladeck Houses, he killed the engine and swung his massive frame off of the bike, the heavy duty shocks groaning in relief. The bike looked small when next to his nine foot height and nearly nine hundred pounds, and he wasn’t done growing yet. With a nod to the guards outside the building, he ducked his head to get through the doorway, not for the first time wondering why they couldn’t build them any bigger.

His eyes adjusted to the low light conditions of the building automatically and a grin creased his face. He could definitely get used to the upgrades that the Vory had provided, even if he was indebted to them as a result. He passed several other armed metahumans as he moved down the hallway until he arrived at his destination. He subvocalized an inquiry via his commlink, and he felt a sense of satisfaction as he watched one of the guards receive instructions to allow him to pass.

“Henway, is good to see you.” Vasily rose from his chair and came around the desk, motioning the troll to a large chair that was suited to his metatype. Henway sat, inclining his head towards the others present. He knew most by reputation. Lighting a black cigarette, the Russian also sat as Henway settled into his chair. “Your recovery is going well? No complications?”

Henway nodded in response. “It’s all wiz, Vas. Doing good, ready to work.”

“Excellent, because we have a job that where your strength and abilities will be an asset. I believe you know everyone here, they are the team we have assembled. The window of opportunity for this is narrow, and I will brief you as to your role and responsibilities.” Vasily took a drag from his cigarette, watching Henway as he exhaled and noticing the troll staring at the floor. “You are well, yes? You hear what I am telling you?”

The troll looked up and responded in a low voice, a rumbling growl. “I scan. Wut’s da job?”

Vasily smiles and leans forward. “Good. We have an investment in you, my friend, and want to make sure that we all benefit from that investment.” The implication was clear. He owed them. “There is a shipment that we wish to intercept from the docks. The Triads believe that they will receive this shipment, but we will be making certain that they are disappointed.” Motioning with his hand towards the three men on the couch and ork who was standing behind them, he continued. “Viktor will provide Matrix cover and disable any security that might be problematic and Sergei will drive the truck. Vlad will deal with any threats of a magical nature and you and Andrei will provide muscle should it be required. If all goes well your presence will have been unnecessary, but it is best to go in prepared.”

Henway looked up, nodding. “Got it. Anything gets in da way, I frag it.”

“You understand precisely.” He nods to the ork, who passes a large duffel to the troll. “I believe that you are familiar with these weapons, but be sure to inspect them on the way to the waterfront. Do as Viktor says as if the orders came directly from me.”

Henway pushed himself out of the chair and slung the duffel over his shoulder with an ease that caused the others to blink in surprise. It was easy to forget how strong he was.

Four hours later, the truck was being unloaded at a warehouse in Brooklyn. Vasily frowned slightly as he looked at Andrei, then turned his head to the mage. “He will live?”

Vlad responded in a quiet voice. “Da. Henway put down the guards and then carried Andrei out over one shoulder while covering our escape with the shipment. Their firepower wasn’t enough to slow him down.”

Vasily smiled and turned to Henway. “Well done. I expected no less from you.”

Henway shrugged. “Dat’s what ya pay me for, right?”

“Indeed it is,” relied the Russian, “Indeed it is.”


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