Shaking Down Shadows

A Con Gone Wrong

Calico shows her form

Calico and the large, muscular man circled in the fighting pit. He was easily 2 1/2 times her weight, yet it was his face that showed the frustration.

“You’re not gonna hit her, man.” said an observer, his voice full of a certainty that only angered the man further. “Nobody ever hits that chick.” The man attacked, intent on proving the peanut gallery wrong.

He swung furiously, each strike filled with devastating power. She bobbed to the side of a crippling right jab, then quickly ducked under the following left hook, exploiting the opening to hammer her fist into his well toned stomach. His fist rocketed downward to crush her crouching form, but she weaved lithely aside, bringing her small fist flying upwards to connect with his broad face in an uppercut that had every ounce of her small frame behind it. His head rocked back noticeably as the blow connected. Yes! She could see it in his eyes, he’d actually felt that one. As the big man shook off the minor but not negligible punch, Calico assessed her progress.

She’d been working on him for a few minutes now, and had begun to see evidence that her repeated blows to his head and stomach were beginning to have an effect. He had yet to hit her, and she intended to make sure it stayed that way. After all, she was exactly what he had seen when she’d originally approached him. A young girl, tiny compared to his large, muscular frame.

“50¥. To beat up a girl.” he had repeated incredulously when she’d proposed the wager ten minutes prior. She knew she could’ve gotten him to agree to a larger amount, but she didn’t want it to turn into a serious thing, with people looking very closely at it. After all, she was kind of cheating. Her reflexes were very good, but when she magically augmented her combat awareness, her ability to dodge incoming attacks became literally supernatural. She almost felt bad for the guy. She could see his every attack coming a mile away. When she had her spell up like this, mooks like these had no hope of ever laying a glove on hr—

Light exploded in her head as the huge fist collided with her untouched face, and she felt her body transformed into a gelatinous mass, flopping haphazardly onto the mat. The world blurred, and she could tell she was on the edge of unconsciousness.

“I’ll be damned”, said the onlooker in amazement, quickly turning to retreat as she shot him a withering, and no doubt swollen glare.

To lift her defeated spirits, Calico decided to go shopping. Not that she had much money. At least, not enough to buy what she REALLY wanted.

Second Skin. God, the mischief she could wreak with one of those. And since she’d started getting decent paying work, Calico just knew that she’d be able to afford one soon. In the meantime, she would entertain herself by compiling a list of “outfits” that she would keep on file once she got the coveted item.

Today’s outfit: A string bikini, for her Clueless Socialite Partygirl persona. She stepped into the boutique and wandered the aisles until she’d gathered the necessary components of her disguise. An appropriately tiny bikini, a cross necklace to prove that she was a good girl despite her actions to the contrary, and on a whim she grabbed a long lock of blonde hair, because Clueless Socialite seemed like she should be blonde.

Stepping into the dressing room with her items, she tried everything on, holding the blonde hair next to the bikini. “Not bad”, she thought, “not bad at all”. She’d always loved her figure, and it had served her well, in more ways than one. And once she got that outfit… the sky was truly the limit.


Tanya would love to show Clueless Socialite Partygirl around. Maybe take her as a guest to Dante’s Inferno. She has a pass to the lower levels, where just about anything goes, and usually does.

A Con Gone Wrong

Calico would have BIG fun there with the magic outfit.

A Con Gone Wrong
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